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My chunk of the web contains all kinds of things, including stories that I have written enspired by a soft toy animal collection, and stories about real live horses.



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08 04 2022 , The diary of a four pawed community has been updated.


Read the diary of a four pawed community here.

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Sunday, 20 February 2011




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Also, all new because I thought it was cool!


Another great story has come to this website!


After nearly two years in the writing, three months in the editing, and a lot more work on the part of lots of people, I am pleased to republish an interactive story mentioned on my blurb page six months ago.


The story was first published on the


Storybook on line website,


But is reproduced




With permission of the webmaster of Storybook on line.


We all hope you enjoy reading:


Willow island, a horse’s story.




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Internet radio stations.


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