Internet radio.


Here are links to my favourite BBC radio stations, as well as some I donít listen to.




Bbc radio 1.

BBC radio 2.


BBC radio 3


BBC radio 4. 4


BBC radio five.


BBC six music.



BBC World Service.



the links above will link directly to the website held on the servers of the bbc and are maintained by the bbc.




All the radio stations are available on line, there is also a listen again link on each page if you have missed your favourite programme.


You will need real player to access the digital output of any internet radio station.


You can download real player at:



other international internet radio stations can be found at:


the vision impaired radio network.


Find the network at:



on 20-8-2002 Wendy was kind enough to submit these two urls for addition.



UCB The home of Christian radio




premier on line, Christian radio.




joe kindly sent me the following link on 21-8-2002


free listening to internet radio.





other websites will be added when I either hear of them from visitors to this page or have found them myself.




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