Winter warmer.



Heavy rain hit the windows of the house.  Arki, hearing as well as feeling the change in the weather, crawled off the quilt to take a look outside.  Seeing the rain hammering down, Arki returned to the quilt, Brunetta’s paw stopping her as she crawled back to her place.

     “Arki,”  Brunetta said, “it’s cold today.”  Arki felt Brunetta’s pads against her paw, and they were cold.

      “Your paws are freezing Brunetta!”  Arki said.

      “She hasn’t got the fur us polar bears have mum,”  Candy replied.  Arki looked at her cub.

     “No, I suppose not,”  she said.

     “I’ve been shivering here all night,”  Brunetta said, “I wanted to get beneath the quilt for warmth, but I don’t know if it would be allowed, I’m so cold! Arki!  My paws are like ice!”

       “I think the boss wouldn’t mind if you worked your way beneath the quilt.  That’s what he’s provided it for after all,” Arki said.   Brunetta released Arki’s paw and scrabbled at the quilt with her forepaws.

     “You won’t do it like that,”  Arki said, “here Brunetta, crawl off the quilt for a bit and I’ll see if I can help.”  Brunetta did as Arki asked, and the female polar bear rolled the quilt back, Brunetta lying down in the space beneath.  Arki then threw the quilt over the female brown bear.  Brunetta felt the quilt’s warmth enveloping her from nose to tail.

     “Grab the edge of the quilt and tuck it under your body,”  Arki suggested, “so that one forepaw holds it in place, that’s it.”  Brunetta felt the soft quilt embracing her, and it felt wonderful!

     “Nice warm paws now Brunetta?”  Arki asked.  Brunetta smiled.  Snowy looked at the two bears.

       “You lucky things,”  she said, “you have a nice warm quilt, and I’m up here on this wardrobe.  Granted we have a rug, and that’s nice on the paws n’all, but I’d love to be back down there, with a quilt n’all”

     “Why not come down and join us,”  Arki invited, “in fact I don’t know why you didn’t stay here last night after the paw massage, for you were well gone snowy.”  Snowy had left soon after she’d woken and found Arki asleep.

      “No,”  the snow tigress said, “I suppose I could have stayed, but the quilt is your place now.”

      “You can come here, lie down, and wrap yourself in the quilt,”  Arki said smiling, it’s plenty large enough for you and Brunetta to share.  Snowy, always plagued by cold paws, for the affect of massages never lasted long, was tempted to take up Arki’s offer.

      “Warm paws Snowy,”  Lucy said, “I’d go for that any day.”  Snowy looked down at the Labrador pup.

      “I’ll go now,”  she said, sliding off the top of the wardrobe to the top of the chest of drawers, then flopping unceremoniously onto the carpet.  Snowy ignored the fact she’d hit the floor with considerable force and crawled away towards the quilt.  Once on the quilt, snowy was exhausted, as she knew she’d be.  Panting for breath, snowy tried to calm her breathing and heart rate.

     “I hate being this ill!”  snowy yelled, “I can’t do anything!”  Arki hugged her friend tightly.

      “It’s okay Snowy,”  she said gently.  Snowy found herself snuggling up to Arki, for she couldn’t resist the urge to snuggle up to the polar bear’s warm fur.  Arki smiled and embraced snowy, Snowy purring with pleasure as she felt Arki’s soft paws caress her.

      “I could sleep for ages here,”  snowy purred.  Arki smiled at the snow tigress.

      “I don’t know how anyone could think evil of Snowy,”  Arki thought, “Yes she’s done some horrid things in her time, but she’s apologised for them and has worked to remedy the hurt she caused.  Snowy doesn’t need anyone hassling her.”  Arki stroked the snow tigress’s forepaws.

     “You have beautiful blue eyes, and nice big, fat strokable paws Snowy,”  Arki said.  Snowy looked into Arki’s face.

     “Can I stroke your paws Arki?”  Snowy asked.  Arki smiled and rolled onto her side.

     “My paws are all yours,”  Arki replied.  Snowy stroked and Massaged Arki’s paws, trying her best to repay the polar bear for all the help she’d given her.  ~Arki closed her eyes as Snowy’s paw massage had its usual affect.

     “This is wonderful!”  Arki said faintly as her mind focused on what her paws were telling her.  Snowy smiled as she worked on Arki, feeling the female polar bear relaxing totally.  Snuggling closer to Snowy, Arki drifted into a deep sleep.


Meanwhile, beneath the quilt, Brunetta felt warmer than she had for a long time.  Wiggling the toes on both hind paws created more warmth, which spread over her pads and caressed them.  Tucking her forepaws beneath the quilt, Brunetta felt them grow warmer and warmer.  Breathing deeply, Brunetta fell asleep to the sound of lashing rain and strong gale force winds which threw it against the windows. Glad to be in a warm dry place with others of her kind, Brunetta let go totally.


Arki too was deeply asleep, snowy having massaged all four of the polar bear’s paws.  Snowy settled down herself, working her forepaws into Arki’s fur to keep them warm.

      “I hope no poor homeless creature is out in that weather,”  snowy thought as rain was hurled against glass by the winter wind.



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