Various goings on.

the quilt cover where the quilt community reside was changed today, and Snowy had her usual hysterical

moment.  Brunetta, sitting with Bruin in the study, yelled to her to "be



Snowy yelled back that Brunetta didn't know what she was talking about and

she should keep her snout out of something she knew nothing about.  Brunetta

buried her head in bruin's fur, unable to listen any more.  meanwhile, Isaac and the Labrador bitch who share my study talked about this

and that.  the Labrador keeps stroking Isaac’s ears and paws,

something the bear enjoys hugely.  he snuggles up to the Labrador bitch and

dozes while she strokes him with her large fat forepaws.  then he will

stroke her paws, enveloping each one of her paws in his large warm furry

forepaw.  This way they pass many an hour.  All's peace now, as the quilt is

back on the bed, and snowy is back with her cubs.  bruin and Brunetta are

lying together, Brunetta's right forepaw touching Bruin's left.  they make

sure they maintain contact at all times with each other with at least one

paw.  it's rather sweet.


downstairs, Sparky the dalmation,  and Sunbeam, the female leopard, are engaged in a lively

discussion about different musical tastes.  Sunbeam likes ballads, while

Sparky can't get enough hard rock.  Sunbeam thinks Sparky's one angry

Dalmatian if he likes rock music, as to her, the music is all bang crash

scream!  Sparky on the other hand, thinks Sunbeam's taste in music is utterly

boring,and would send him to sleep.


So it seems Sunbeam and Sparky will have to agree to disagree.



 tolstuka, one of the polar bears, who stands watching the other animals on

> the quilt, asked Snowy Half tail why she persisted in restricting whitie

> and her sister's mobility.  Surely, tolstuka argued, it was better for

> Whitie and her sister to experience the world for themselves.  the other

> animals would look after them, even the tigers would.  Snowy Half tail

> stared at the polar bear, who's name she can't pronounce.

>      "but the outside world is scary,"  snowy protested, "whitie and her

> sister would soon be injored, or worse!"

>      "Noone will hurt them!"  tolstuka said, banging the shelf with her

> paw in exasperation, "my brother will look out for them downstairs, and

> there's no danger up here, little down there if the truth be known, but

> you snowy don't care much for that."  hearing this, snowy got very upset,

> thumping the quilt with her paws and screaming at tolstuka, whom she said

> knew nothing, as she only arrived three days ago.  those common leopards

> were the worst in the world!  tolstuka said her brother had a stern word

> with the common leopard cubs, and that he had their word that they would

> not harm whitie or her sister if they were to venture downstairs.  Anyway,

> the kangaroo had the leopards under control.  snowy only calmed down when

> one of the dogs vertually sat on her, held her paws down and told her to

> cool it, or he would make sure Whitie and her sister were absent for a

> long time.  he would leave them in Sparky's care, the huge dalmation and

> the snow leopard cubs being good friends.  Snowy calmed down, but could be

> heard whimpering to herself.


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