Brock, one of my badgers was walking in the local park when he spotted two albino squirrels huddled together beneath a bush.going towards them, he saw they were youngsters, only just ready to leave the dray.Now Brock's thoughts strayed to his own cubhood, which had been an idyllic one by all accounts, and he wondered if he could help these two lost creatures.Lumbering closer, he noticed the squirrel cubs, Brock always calls everything young a cub, cowering away from him.The badger hadn't thought of how large he must seem to them.He noticed one of the squirrels, the older one, watching him covertly from behind her forepaw.The other squirrel, her younger brother, kept his head buried in her shoulder, not wanting to look at the huge badger.Brock, lost for words and for something to prove he wasn't a threat, hit upon the only thing which seemed to make all young animals laugh, no matter what species they were.Throwing his pride to the wind, Brock did something very unbadgerlike.Rolling onto his back, he waved his paws in the air.This made the young female squirrel laugh, despite her fear.

††††† "Just look at that huge badger!"She whispered to her brother, nudging him.The male cub looked at Brock for the first time, and even he had to smile.Regaining his paws, Brock went towards the two young squirrels and extended a forepaw towards the female squirrel cub.She took his paw in both of hers and said:

††††† "I don't know if we can trust you, we hope we can, but I wonder, could you please tell us of a place we can make our home?some human children destroyed our old home while throwing sticks for conkers.Now we're alone as our mother was killed when the dray fell from the tree."Brock remembered how he, along with his mate Constance, had been in a similar situation, and he'd been given a home.Surely the boss wouldn't refuse these two young squirrels a home if Brock explained their situation?Taking his courage in his paw, Brock told the squirrels to follow him back to his home, where he would see if they could stay.if they could,They would be among many animals, most of whom would be friendly, but some of whom would be hostile, as some always are, but no animal would attack them for food, or in anger either.if they were caught up in a fight, only the animal's paws would be used in anger, as someone Brock called "The boss,"forbad the animals to use their claws.Brock told the young squirrels of his mate Constance, and of the other animals, Matilda the kangaroo, the huge lion Clarence, and male tiger Hop along, Sparky the Dalmatian, and of course, of Amber and the, "snow patrol,"which was Brock's group name for the polar bears and other snow loving animals.The two squirrels, conker, and his older sister Hazel, were soon wide eyed at the tales Brock told.He said that the boss, who's species he never hinted at, never interfered in their lives, just settling disputes when all else had failed and things had come to blows.Then he was straight in, threatening the animals with expulsion and return to their former lives, which was enough to settle any argument, as no animal wanted to go back to their former life.So, Brock and the two squirrels made their way back to Brock's home, Conker riding on the back of the huge badger, as his legs were too short to keep up with his sisterís and the huge badger's fast pace.


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