Snowy thinks things over.

Snowy half tail was furious!  After her disgraceful conduct over Tigger claiming his place beneath the quilt, the snow tigress has been forced to lie on the carpet.  Unfortunately she's right under a window, which last night was opened as the night was a hot one.  Of course, cold air blew in and found its way to Snowy, eddying round her paws, chilling them.  Now there's nothing more Snowy hates than cold paws, and in the morning Snowy half tail was in a terrible mood.  Furious at the world in general, and Tigger in particular, she set to banging the carpet with both forepaws and yelling until Stifftail told her to shut up.  Ignoring him, Snowy kept up her protest until stopped by the large male polar bear, who lumbered down from his place on the quilt and walloped Snowy with considerable force.  Snowy, shocked by the appearance of the huge bear, as well as by his sudden transformation from a furry lump of nothing to a raging menace, shut her mouth with a snap and buried her face in her forepaws.

     "You caused your own misery Half tail,"  the bear said, returning to his place.  Snowy, her paw stinging where the bear had slapped it, watched him leave through the gap between the toes of her left forepaw.  She dared not make direct eye contact with him, in case he came back to give her more of the same.  Snowy knew she'd really messed things up.  Hitting Tigger hadn't been a very clever thing to do, and no matter how she tried to justify it in her own mind, she knew she was worse off for it.  Tigger had the luxury of the quilt, his paws were warm, he could now, as she'd been able to once, bury his paws in the soft folds of the quilt, wiggling the toes of each paw to feel the warmth spreading over the pads.  Snowy felt more miserable than she'd felt for a long time.  Hitting Tigger, or Tiggie as Amber called him, had been a stupid thing to do.  There was enough room under the quilt for both of them, and Snowy admitted to herself she'd known that all along.  She'd just been protective of her patch, and tried to ward off an intruder.  Which Tigger wasn't.  Snowy tried to imagine the warmth such a large tiger would generate, it would be considerable, and she was missing out on it.  Amber, instead of her, was getting the benefit of Tigger's proximity.  worst of all, they were having a lot of fun, each stroking and tickling the other's paws.  Something they obviously enjoy a lot, but was not Snowy’s thing.  Snowy Half tail had enjoyed having her paws massaged once, but not now, that was cubbish stuff and not for her, though right now, she’d do anything to have warm paws.  Shivering with cold, Snowy looked up in mute appeal at the animals on the quilt.  Snowy fervently wished she could take back those few seconds of madness in which she’d walloped Tigger.  Now he was in her spot, and she could think of no way of even getting close to regaining her former place, a warm, safe place under the quilt.


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