Snowy half tail fights for her cub.



Bruin was furious!  Word had come to him that his mate was stroking the paws of a tigress he despised.  Snowy half tail had upset him while he was resident with the quilt crew and he hated her.  Foster had informed the residents of the living room that Brunetta and snowy had become firm friends, all because of a paw massage, or so it was said.  Bruin could imagine his mate massaging the paws of the weak, fat tigress, and the thought made him feel sick.  Bruin hated everything about snowy, and if Brunetta was prepared to stroke Snowy’s paws, then Brunetta could be added to the list.  He’d loved her once, even begged the boss to find her, but now, well, he was more interested in going out with the lads, and Brunetta didn’t do that kind of thing.  Bruin dug his toes into the sofa on which he lay.  He didn’t want anything to do with Brunetta any more, but had an almost uncontrollable urge to go to her and wallop her for fraternising with the enemy.  The possibility of Snowy maybe changing her outlook on life didn’t enter Bruin’s head.  Snowy’s name was mud, and Bruin was glad she’d been moved from the living room area.  He couldn’t stand her appearance, the fat white tigress with her large head, big paws and tiny tail repulsed him utterly.  What Brunetta saw in Snowy Bruin couldn’t guess.


Bruin aired his views to Isaac, who’d once been part of the quilt crew.  While Isaac thought Snowy unusual, he didn’t hate her.

      “I like paw massages,”  Isaac said, “I always have.”  Clarence grinned at Isaac, the polar bear and the huge lion had been massaging each other’s paws for ages now.  They did it at night, so not to alert the other animals, some of whom got funny ideas in their heads.  Isaac reached over and began to stroke Clarence’s paw, something he wouldn’t usually do during the day.  Bruin saw this and spat onto the carpet with disgust.

      “That’s wrong!  Two male creatures cannot stroke each other’s paws!”  Bruin snapped.

     “Tigger and Clarence do,”  Tinka said.

    “That’s just my point!”  Bruin yelled, “It’s wrong!  They are wrong!”  Bruin watched angrily as Clarence gave Isaac his right hind paw to work on.  Isaac took the lion’s huge hind paw in both his forepaws and began to stroke it.

     “It makes me sick!”  Bruin yelled.  Clarence wiggled the toes of the paw Isaac was stroking, making sure Bruin saw it.  Bruin leapt off the sofa and crawled from the room.  Struggling up the stairs, he crawled as fast as he could put his paws to the floor towards the main bedroom where the quilt crew lived.  Busting in, Bruin saw brunetta and Snowy together, Brunetta hugging the snow tigress.  Bruin screamed with rage!

      “Are we all going to the dogs?”  He yelled.

      “No,”  Tigger yawned, “eight dogs left here some time ago, there are only two huskies here now, oh, and a fox, but he’s a fox, not a dog as such, well, he sort of is.”

    “Shut it Tiggie!”  Bruin spat, using Tigger’s pet name to insult the Bengal tiger.

      “Don’t use Tigger’s pet name like that!”  Whitie mewed.  Bruin rushed at the cub, dragging her off the quilt!  Whitie tried resisting by digging her toes into the quilt to slow the bear down, but Bruin was stronger than her!  Dragging Whitie onto the carpet, Bruin walloped the cub with his paw, Whitie squealing with pain and Surprise.


Snowy watched all with growing alarm.  Suddenly she wriggled free of Brunetta’s hug, and launched herself off the quilt!  Brunetta, feeling snowy fighting for freedom, woke to see the snow tigress fighting with Bruin!  Bruin heard Snowy’s breath wheezing in her attempt to pull in air.

      “so the fat white thing thinks she’s good enough to fight me does she?”  he Scoffed, “Snowy, you are Disgusting!  You should have been drowned at birth!  |You are a genetic mess!”  Snowy’s paw landed across Bruin’s nose with tremendous force!  Bruin screamed with pain and anger!  Snowy began to push Bruin out of the room, slapping at him as she went.  When she judged her hind paws were level with Whitie, who lay dazed and confused on the carpet, snowy felt for Whitie with her right hind paw, and, feeling her pads touch the cub, snowy pushed her away with all her strength!  Whitie rolled away from the tigress’s paw, covering her face with her paws.  Whitie crawled round to Tigger, who pulled her onto the quilt.  Meanwhile, snowy and Bruin fought in the hallway, the latter’s hind paws getting dangerously close to the stairs.  Snowy, realising her chance, shoved Bruin hard!  The bear fell backwards down the stairs, sliding and tumbling!  Snowy lay gasping and sobbing on the carpet, her own forepaws only inches from the first step.  Bruin landed with a crash at the bottom of the stairs.  Bruised and battered, he lay on the carpet to recover.  Clarence crawled up to Bruin and looked down at him.

     “I know what you did,”  the lion snarled, “you deserved everything you got!  Attacking a cub!  Who the hell do you think you are Bruin!”  Bruin spat at Clarence.  Clarence placed one huge paw on Bruin’s belly, squeezing the air from the brown bear.

      “You now qualify for gold standard retribution, you disgusting animal!”  Clarence said softly.  Clarence hit Bruin hard across his nose!  Bruin screeched with pain and threw up his paws to protect his face!  Clarence caught Bruin’s left forepaw in his teeth and bit down on it!  Bruin screamed!  Clarence pinned Bruin with one massive forepaw, then hit him with his free paw.  Letting go of Bruin’s left forepaw, Clarence took a deep breath:

      “You, don’t!  Ever!  Hit! Cubs!”  Clarence yelled.  Bruin, pain from his paws and a million other places racking his body, whimpered in submission to the large lion.


Meanwhile, Brunetta had caught up with Snowy.  She found the snow tigress lying exhausted on the carpet by the stairs.  The female brown bear could see snowy was drenched in sweat from nose to tail, and was breathing hard.

     “What the hell were you doing!”  Brunetta demanded of Snowy, “You know you can’t fight anyone without endangering your life!”  Snowy looked at Brunetta with exhausted eyes.

     “My cub,”  she gasped, “Whitie, my cub.”  Brunetta had forgotten Snowy had looked after Amber’s cubs for six months before Amber found her way to the house.

      “I’m sorry snowy,”  Brunetta said contritely, “I forgot, I know you still love those cubs.”

     “Bruin was an ass to do what he did,”  Snowy panted, “I showed him!”

     “Calm down!”  Brunetta commanded, “Snowy, you’re going to do yourself harm getting upset like this!”

     “How can I not be upset when someone attacks my cub?”  Snowy sobbed,  almost choking on her tears, “a defenceless cub Brunetta!”

     “Whitie shouldn’t have issued that challenge,”  Brunetta replied, “but she will know not to do such a thing again.  Thanks to you snowy, there will be a next time.”  Snowy half tail clung to the carpet with all four paws, for the room was spinning.

      “I feel dreadful!”  snowy mewed.


With Tigger and Clarence’s help, Brunetta got Snowy back onto the quilt.  Whitie listened to the goings on, feeling very ashamed of what she’d done.  Tigger had torn a strip off her for challenging Bruin.  Now snowy was in a bad way, and Whitie felt it was her fault.


When Snowy was as comfortable as she could make her, Brunetta went to talk to Whitie.  Hearing the huge female brown bear crawling towards her, Whitie knew she was in trouble.

      “Whitie,”  Brunetta said firmly, “come here!”  Whitie crawled forward, feeling Brunetta’s paws take a firm hold on her.

     “I know you were only protecting Tigger,”  the brown bear said, “but you nearly caused Snowy to lose her life.”

     “I know,”  Whitie sobbed, “I know I shouldn’t have said what I did, that a name is just that, but it was so wrong of Bruin to do what he did, I had to say something!”

     “You are a tiny cub Whitie, despite what you may think you are!”  Brunetta remonstrated, “You knew how large Bruin was, but you foolishly issued the challenge.  You have only yourself to blame for what happened to snowy!  Whitie nodded, tears rolling down her nose.

     “it was too fast for mum or Tigger to do anything,”  Whitie sobbed, “snowy though, she came to my rescue.  The so called fat, unfit genetic mess saved me.”  Brunetta, serious though she knew the matter was, thought Whitie had learned her lesson, although she wanted the cub to remedy some of the harm she’d caused.

     “Whitie,”  Brunetta said, “you will help Snowy get over this.  You will help her by massaging her from her ears to her paws.  Whitie remembered exploring Snowy’s paws.  They’d been huge and she’d hated having them touched.

     “Snowy will kill me!”  Whitie mewed, “she hates having her paws touched!”

       “No she doesn’t, come, you’ll see,”  Brunetta replied.  Whitie crawled towards Snowy, the snow tigress watching her blearily from where she lay.  Reaching snowy half tail’s side, Whitie felt herself taken in two very familiar forepaws.  Snowy half tail hugged Whitie tightly, and then began to groom her.

      “My cub,”  Snowy purred as she worked her way over Whitie’s fur with her teeth and tongue, grooming Whitie thoroughly from nose to tail.  Amber hissed and spat at Snowy!

      “Leave my cub alone!”  Amber yelled.  Snowy ignored her, carrying on grooming Whitie.  Amber struggled free of the quilt and launched herself at Snowy!  The snow tigress threw Whitie aside, and caught Amber as she landed on top of her!  Snowy, panting for air, threw Amber off her onto the carpet!  Amber landed with a crash on the carpet, paws flailing in all directions.

     “Remember who found your cubs and looked after them!”  Tigger yelled, “remember whom it was who looked after your cubs for six months like they were her own Amber.  You’ve just attacked the tigress who loves your cubs as much as you do!”  Snowy lay panting on the quilt.  Amber picked herself up off the floor and crawled to the quilt, where she scrambled on board.  Whitie, sensing no danger, crawled over to Snowy, the snow tigress embracing her in trembling paws.

      “Whitie cub,”  snowy said hoarsely, “dear Whitie cub.”

     “Don’t die Snowy, Please don’t die!”  Whitie pleaded.  Snowy coughed convulsively, her whole body jerking with the effort.

       “I’ll be okay,”  the tigress gasped, “give me time Whitie,”  Whitie felt Snowy’s paws become damp with sweat.  This tigress wasn’t in a good way at all!

      “Brunetta said I was to massage your paws Snowy,”  Whitie said.  Snowy weakly waved a forepaw, unable to speak.  Then, remembering Whitie couldn’t see her, she weakly brushed at the cub’s fur with her left forepaw.  Whitie, taking this as consent to her massaging her paws, Began to stroke Snowy half tail’s paws.  Snowy’s breathing became easier as Whitie made progress with the massage, and by the time she’d reached Snowy’s right hind paw, the snow tigress’s breathing was back to normal, or as normal as it would ever be.

      “Thank you Whitie,”  snowy said.  Whitie left off stroking the pads of Snowy’s right hind paw and hugged the tigress tightly.

       “You saved my life snowy,”  Whitie said, “it should be me thanking you.”  Snowy smiled.

     “Ah,”  snowy replied, “little Whitie cub, soon you will forget how I found you.  You will forget the place, the place where two frightened cubs huddled out of the rain.  I found you there while playing hide and seek with my own cubs.  Two blind cubs, barely weaned.  I promised you I’d look after you until the end, and I will keep that promise, even now I’m not too well myself.”

     “But another episode like that with Bruin would kill you!”  Whitie replied.

      “Cubs sometimes need rescuing,”  was Snowy’s reply, “If I died while rescuing my cub, and my cub survived, I wouldn’t be unhappy.  A mother pledges to give her life for her cubs.  My mother wouldn’t pledge that for me, for she hated me, but for you Whitie, blanche and my own cubs too, I would put my life on the line if necessary.”  Whitie knew only too well what the snow tigress was saying, and was greatly moved by her words.

      “If only the downstairs lot could hear you Snowy,”  Tigger said.

      “They hate her for what she  looks like,”  Whitie replied, “they don’t know the real snowy half tail.


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