Snowy and Brunetta grow closer.


Snowy half tail drifted in a dream.  She’d never felt so good as she did now, Brunetta’s massage had done wonders for her, and Snowy’s paws were no longer cold.


Brunetta listened to Snowy’s breathing.  She could plainly hear a whistling wheeze as the tigress breathed in.  Maybe she was older than she looked.  Brunetta felt Snowy’s paw in hers, the large white paw relaxed and beautifully warm after the massage.  Brunetta remembered Snowy’s paws being cold to her touch before she’d massaged them.

     “It looks like I’m going to be massaging this tigress’s paws for a long time to come,”  Brunetta thought, “I don’t mind that, I like it.”  Brunetta turned her mind to what her own paw massage had been like.  Snowy had done a good job, and was gentle with Brunetta’s paws, which were smaller than her own.  Snowy had taken her time, exploring each of Brunetta’s paws with hers, in fact, Brunetta could still feel the warmth generated by Snowy’s paw massage.  Brunetta’s mind strayed back to Snowy.  Why did she have such bad circulation in her paws?  Why was she almost unable to breathe when Brunetta first saw her?  Later that day, when Snowy woke, Brunetta asked her some questions.

      “I’m about two years old,”  snowy replied, “I was born with several problems, big paws for my body size, a short tail, and large head.  My mother almost couldn’t deliver me.  I was pulled into the world backwards.  Of course, I was cast out of my family once I was weaned.  My mother didn’t want to know me after that.  She would turn her head away when I was suckling, she couldn’t bear to watch me, nor touch me.  She used to slap at my paws rather than stroke them, which fostered in me a hatred for anyone touching my paws I suppose.  My sister got all my mother’s attention.  Of course, I grew into my paws, but the damage had been done.  Thrown out of the family home, I wandered for ages.  It was during that time I fell in cub.  I had my cubs in a dark alley between two human dwelling places.  Terrible labour it was, screaming, paw clenching agony, and very hard work.  All thoughts of safety left my mind as my cubs were born.  Of course, I had the breathing problem even then, and things were made more difficult by that.  In the end my cubs were born, and I lay too exhausted to feed them.  Somehow they found the milk I had for them, I couldn’t help them, I didn’t have the strength.  Somehow I managed to find food for myself, raiding bins, things like that.  My cubs too, they survived.  It’s all a blur to me now.  I’m two years old now, nearly two and a half, but I feel much older, inside I mean.  My illness, if it is an illness, is taking it out of me Brunetta.  I’ve always had cold paws and breathing problems, maybe until recently I wanted others to feel sorry for me.  When I didn’t get my own way, I lashed out.  I know now I was wrong, for I’ve heard many animals tell their tales, and they’ve suffered more than I have.  Tigger for instance, he lost his cubs because he was physically unable to defend them.  I’m sorry for it.  I’m glad he’s found love with Amber, and glad he adopted her cubs as his own.”  Snowy breathed in sharply, her breath whistling through her nose.

      “Are you all right Snowy?”  Brunetta asked.  Snowy nodded:

    “fine thank you Brunetta,”  she replied.  Snowy took Brunetta’s left forepaw in both of hers.  Brunetta felt Snowy half tail’s paws trembling as the tigress stroked her paw.

      “Take it easy snowy,”  Brunetta said gently, fearing for the snow tigress’s welfare.

    “I’m okay,”  Snowy replied, “but thanks for your concern.”  Snowy transferred her attention to Brunetta’s hind paws, the female brown bear wiggling her toes as Snowy stroked each of her paws.  Snowy grinned, gently patting the pads of Brunetta’s right hind paw.  Brunetta smiled at the snow tigress.

      “I like that,”  she said, “carry on stroking my paws snowy.  Snowy continued stroking Brunetta’s paws, until she’s stroked all four of the bear’s paws twice over.  Brunetta tried hard not to fall asleep during the impromptu massage.

     “I love this,”  Brunetta yawned.  Snowy smiled at her.

    “Every little helps,”  she replied.  Brunetta felt Snowy’s paws relaxing as the snow tigress stroked her paws.  It seemed to Brunetta that Snowy concentrating on massaging her paws seemed to calm her down.

      “Take it slowly,”  Brunetta advised, “nice and slowly snowy.”  Snowy concentrated hard, taking her time, feeling herself relaxing as she stroked Brunetta’s right forepaw.

      “That was wonderful,”  Brunetta said when Snowy had finished.  Snowy grinned:

     “I enjoyed it too,”  she replied, “now Brunetta, could you massage my paws?”  Brunetta smiled at the snow tigress:

     “Of course I will,”  she replied, “now when you’re lying comfortably, I’ll begin.”  Snowy stretched out full length, stretching her spine, her tail, her limbs and the toes of all four paws before relaxing totally.  Brunetta watched as the snow tigress went through her routine.  Snowy’s paws were massive!  Brunetta knew that if she didn’t know snowy was as gentle as she was, she’d be frightened of the tigress.

     “Stretch those paws snowy,”  Brunetta said.  Grinning, Snowy placed each of her paws into Brunetta’s forepaws, before clenching and stretching her paws to show the bear how large her paws were.  Brunetta massaged each of Snowy’s paws, and then when she’d finished, she hugged the tigress tightly.  Snowy purred with pleasure as Brunetta hugged her.



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