Settling down to normality.


Arki crawled onto the quilt, Kodiak embracing her tenderly.

     “Isaac’s just a jealous bully,”  Kodiak remarked, “furious now he knows what he lost.”  Arki felt Kodiak stroking her belly and paws, something which she enjoyed.

     “I could get used to this,”  Arki said, snuggling closer to Kodiak.  Kodiak smiled, feeling Arki’s fur against his, the toes of her left forepaw curling round his paw as he stroked her pads.

     “All I need is right here,”  Kodiak said, nuzzling Arki’s ear.  Arki breathed deeply, relaxing into the brown bear’s hug.


Meanwhile, Isaac hid in a corner, grateful Leo hadn’t locked him up.  Leo was letting Isaac off a spell in the wardrobe, as the polar bear had confessed to beating Arki up, after realising the evidence was stacked against him.  Leo hated the wardrobe anyway, and he was relieved he’d not had to lock Isaac up.  Settling down on his rug, Leo looked at snowy.  She lay on the rug, her chin on her forepaws.

    “How are you snowy love?”  Leo asked.  Snowy smiled at him.

    “I’m fine thanks Leo,”  Snowy replied. She took his paw in hers, “even better now you’re back.”  Leo caught his breath as he felt Snowy’s paw envelope his, it was so soft and warm!

     “I love you snowy,”  Leo purred.  Snowy began to stroke Leo’s paw, the lion working his paw into hers.


Isaac watched Leo and snowy.  He wondered what Leo saw in snowy, for as far as Isaac could see, she was a fat tigress with a tiny tail and big paws.  The polar bear, while not in the least attracted to tigress’s, could still see how some could be attracted to some females of species other than his own, and snowy was most unattractive in his view.  Even though he had these thoughts,  Isaac dared not impart them to anyone, for Leo was a big cat, and could easily do him serious damage.  A polar bear Isaac might be, but he was no fighter, not when Leo was concerned.


Meanwhile, Kodiak and Arki, warmed by the soft quilt, started talking about cubs.  Kodiak wondered what their cubs would look like if they had any.  Arki and he knew that polar bears and brown bears were related, so the possibility of a polar bear giving birth to cubs when her mate was a brown bear was not impossible.

      “I think we’d have cubs with thick brown fur,”  Arki said, “They’d have thick brown fur.”

      “I don’t know,”  Kodiak mused, “maybe they’d have brown fur, but white paws.”

     “That would look unusual,”  Arki replied, “but then again, I’d love my cubs no matter how they looked.”  Kodiak nodded.

    “or maybe they’d have brown fur all over, but the fur on the soles of their paws would be white.  Or maybe they’d have brown fur for the most part, but have white muzzles,”  he said.

     “We’ll never know,”  Arki replied, “for we are soft toy animals, and we can’t have cubs.”  Kodiak nuzzled Arki’s ear.

     “We can dream though can’t we?”  he asked.  Arki touched Kodiak’s nose with her paw:

    “Yes,”  she replied, “I know what I’ll be dreaming of, cubs with the softest, silkiest fur imaginable.”  Kodiak smiled, hugging Arki tightly.




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