Sam gets punished.



Leo and snowy were dreadfully upset and angry when they heard what had taken place between Arki and Sam.  Theo volunteered to finish Sam once and for all, and would have done so if Leo hadn’t asked Clarence to restrain him.  Spitting and snarling, Theo had submitted to Clarence’s greater weight and strength as the huge Lion held gently but firmly to both his forepaws.


Meanwhile, Leo crawled upstairs to find Sam and deal with him.  Finding the  disgraced polar bear in the bedroom, Leo dragged Sam into the spare room and booted the door shut.

      “What the hell were you doing walloping Arki!”  Leo yelled.

      “Arki’s been acting like a cub!”  Sam whimpered, “she’s not a cub any more Leo!  I wanted to teach her that she can’t play silly games like she does!  All that paw massage, tickling and whatnot, it’s wrong!”

      “Sam,”  Leo said, “does it do anyone any harm?  Is it violent?  Is it degrading towards anyone?  Does it cause pain?”  No, no, no and no I think.  I will only ban something which is offensive or dangerous to an individual animal or to others.  Of course, if an animal massaged, touched or tickled another animal’s paws without that animal’s consent, then yes that should be stopped and I would stop it immediately and bring the full weight of the law down on the offender.  In this case though, Arki isn’t doing herself or anyone else any harm what so ever.  I heard from Salty that Arki asked Kodiak if he would massage her paws.”

     “Yes, she asked him,”  Sam replied, “but then Arki tickled Kodiak’s paw, and he said that wasn’t in the script, so she should be punished for that at least!”

      “Was he laughing when he said it?  Was he distressed?”

      “he was laughing about the whole thing,”  Sam admitted, realising his effort to get Arki into trouble had failed.

       “Did Kodiak mention anything else to do with Arki tickling his paw?”  Leo asked.  Sam knew the lion was prompting him, and probably had heard a detailed account from Salty, whom Sam was beginning to detest intensely.

      “He said that even though Arki tickling his paw hadn’t been foreseen, he’d enjoyed it hugely,”  Sam replied.

      “There you go,”  Leo said, “so no harm was done to either Arki Or Kodiak.  They enjoyed their time together I believe.”

      “But Arki’s my mate!”  Sam yelled, “she’s not allowed to play with other male bears!  Especially when she strokes their paws and gets them to stroke hers!”

       “You know as well as any animal here for what purposes we animals use paw massage,”  Leo replied, “therefore, I will not answer that point.  Or maybe I will, just to ram home that cubs can massage each other’s paws, so can adult animals, be they a male animal massaging a female animal’s paws, or two female animals, or two males massaging each other’s paws, the same applies if they want to go as far as tickling each other’s paws!  Within reason This is all Legal among consenting creatures!  The massage itself isn’t what you should consider, it’s the emotion behind it.  Watch and listen carefully, and you will see the masseurs intentions.”

       “So Arki wasn’t making overtures to Kodiak?”  Sam asked.

      “it seems not,”  Leo replied, “and him telling her she was beautiful isn’t an overture Sam.”

        I’ve messed things up between me and Arki,”  Sam said, almost weeping.

      “I guess you have,”  Leo replied, “for what was your reaction to Arki stroking Kodiak’s paws and him stroking her’s?”

      “I’m not telling you!”  Sam whimpered, shaking from ears to paws, “I’m not telling you Leo!”

       “You hit her didn’t you Sam,”  Leo said sadly.  Sam made the mistake of looking at Leo’s face, and what he saw there made him lose control totally.  The sorrow in Leo’s eyes tore at Sam, as if his attack on Arki had also hurt Leo himself.

      “What are you so dam upset about!”  Sam yelled.  Leo swallowed hard.

      “I’m upset because of what I have to do next,”  the huge lion replied.  Sam saw tears in Leo’s eyes, something the lion didn’t attempt to hide.

      “Whatever you are going to do will affect me, not you, so why are you so chewed up about it!”  Sam sniffed.

      “I’m sure you will be as “chewed up” as you put it, when you hear what I’ve got to do,”  Leo replied.

        “What are you going to do to me?”  Sam asked.

      “You see that wardrobe over there?”  Leo asked, waving a paw at it.  Sam nodded.

       “Not in there, not there! Anything but in there!”  Sam yelled, realising what the lion was about to do.

     Go over to it,”  Leo said, “and open the door.”  Sam crawled across to the door as slowly as he could, but Leo was switched on to his tactics.

     “Go at a normal pace, not slower!”  he yelled, his voice filling the room.  Sam crawled to the door and opened it.  The interior of the wardrobe was dark and uninviting.

       “Get in!”  Leo commanded.  Sam stepped up and into the wardrobe, Leo pushing him fully into it and slamming the door.

      “Now I must be strong,”  Leo thought, “not let my knowledge of Sam’s former life and my own fears of the wardrobe influence Sam’s punishment.”  Leo crawled out of the room, closing the door behind him.


Sam lay in the darkness of the wardrobe, his fear and terror growing as he remembered the American cage he’d been imprisoned in.  Sam cried bitterly as he relived his fear and anxiety.  He knew he couldn’t break out of the wardrobe, the door was tight fitting, He’d had to pull hard at the door to open it, and then Leo had to kick the door with all his strength to get it home.  Sam sobbed and beat the wooden floor with all four paws.

      “I never thought it would come to this!”  Sam yelled, “let me out!  I can’t stand it here!”  Sam banged on the door with his forepaws, then he banged on the wall with his hind, and shouted at the top of his voice, until his pads were sore, his claws scuffed and he was hoarse from shouting.  Worn out, Sam settled down as comfortably as he could, which was a near impossible task.  Sam must have fallen asleep, for the next thing he knew someone was opening the door.  Sam woke, and believing he was dreaming, poured out everything to the apparition before him, telling it how sorry he was, how he would never do anything like he’d done ever again, and longed with all he had to be free.  Sam thought the apparition looked like Leo, but it couldn’t be, for the lion had been so angry with him, that he’d never want to let him out, or that’s what Sam thought.


“you can come out now Sam,”  Leo said,  Tugging at the polar bear’s tear drenched left forepaw.  Sam snapped into full wakefulness.

     “Leo?”  he asked, “it’s you isn’t it?”  the huge lion smiled.

     “yes Sam it is,”  he replied, “now Sam, come, and I will tell you something of what was upsetting me.”

      “Why should you be upset on my account?”  Sam asked, “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”  Leo held up a paw to stop him.

     “Sam,”  the lion said, “Do you remember mine and Theo’s story?”  Sam did, and when he thought of it, and thought of his own terrors, he felt worse than ever about what he’d done, and what he’d forced Leo to do to him.”

       “Oh Leo, Leo I’m sorry!”  Sam sobbed, now feeling worse than ever.

     “I will not tell you how long you were incarcerated,”  Leo said, “but let that be a lesson to you Sam.  You will learn another lesson too, for I think you have lost Arki’s love and her friendship.  I am telling you, as Arki feels she cannot do so.  She never wants to see you again, and that I can quite understand.”  Sam howled with misery!




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