Sam gets into a fight.



Rain fell heavily outside, while Sam, the newest arrival in the house, struggled to open one of the windows.  In the end, Whitie used one of her tiny forepaws to press the button, while Sam used both of his to pull the handle up, from which point he could push open the window.  Sam leant perilously far out of the window, letting the rain fall on his nose and the pads of one upturned forepaw, while Arki and Amber held onto Sam’s hind paws, in case the eccentric male polar bear should lose his balance and fall out of the window.


Seeing Sam’s antics, Brunetta asked what the hell he thought he was playing at.  Warning him that the boss wouldn’t be impressed if he had to wash Sam’s fur after it had been dirtied by rainwater.  Sam explained that during his time in America, he’d missed the rain and wind , The pads on his paws becoming dry and cracked with the heat.  After a lot of persuasion, Arki convinced Sam to vacate the window and come back into the warmth of the house.  When he did so, his fur was soaked with rainwater.  Brunetta grabbed a towel from the store and frantically dried Sam’s fur, anxious that the boss didn’t realise what the polar bear had been doing.  Brunetta knew it was forbidden for any animal to go anywhere near the towel store, and wondered where she’d hide the wet towel.  Unable to think of a suitable hiding place, she pushed the towel out of the window, slamming the window shut and locking it.  Brunetta knew there’d be questions from the boss about what a towel was doing in his front garden, but she didn’t worry about that.  As long as Sam wasn’t found with rainwater on his fur, and she wasn’t linked with the towel, Brunetta was happy.


Sam lay on the quilt, his cub snuggled close to him.  Still not quite believing his cub was beside him, Sam traced all over her body with his paws, from her nose to her tail.  The cub, enjoying every minute of Sam’s attention, closed her eyes and let him stroke her as much as he wanted.


Arki watched Sam stroking the cub and smiled to herself.

      “He’s one happy bear,”  she thought.


Sam continued stroking his cub, and all was peace until Sam touched the pads of one of the cub’s hind paws.  The polar bear cub, almost asleep until then, suddenly yelped.

      “What’s wrong!”  Sam asked anxiously.

     “I’ve got ticklish paws!”  The cub replied.  Sam hugged her.

      “Sorry if my paw tickled yours,”  he said, “I’ll be more careful next time.”

       “that’s okay,”  the cub replied, snuggling down once more, “it was a shock that’s all,”  she yawned, snuggling closer to Sam and working her forepaws deep into his fur.  Sam closed his eyes, relaxing totally now that his cub was with him.


Arki saw the growing bond between Sam and his cub.  She didn’t feel threatened by it, although she wasn’t sure if Isaac would feel the same as she did.  While not an aggressive bear, Isaac had taken it for granted that he and Arki would be looking after the orphan polar bear cub.  Now, just as Isaac was getting used to the idea of having a cub to look after, the cub’s sire comes along, wishing to look after his cub.  Arki knew Isaac resented Sam’s intrusion into their lives, although he was too polite to show his irritation.


One day however, Sam and Isaac met in the living room.  Isaac, having recently discussed with Bruin the problems he had with Sam, was about ready to explode.  Seeing the weaker male polar bear in front of him, Isaac attacked Sam!  Rolling him over, Isaac walloped Sam with all his force.  Sam, unprepared for Isaac’s sudden attack, couldn’t defend himself now he was on his back.  Kicking furiously with all four paws, Sam tried to protect his face from Isaac’s raking claws.  Sam felt Isaac’s claws digging into, then ripping into the pads of one forepaw.  Screaming with fear and pain, Sam tried to tear his paw away, doing more damage to it.  Isaac was furious!  Delivering a stinging blow to Sam’s nose incapacitated the weaker bear, leaving Isaac free to do what he wished with Sam.


Suddenly a paw landed smack on Isaac’s nose!  The larger polar bear, now as helpless as Sam, collapsed onto the carpet, numb from his nose to his paws.  Looking up, Isaac saw whom had attacked him, and could hardly believe his eyes.  Clarence looked down at Isaac lying on the floor.

        “I never thought you’d actually attack Sam,”  The lion said sadly, “now I know you would.  It wasn’t Sam’s fault he and his cub were separated.  Of course, I would give anything to see my cubs again, anything at all.  They went with their mothers when I was cast out of my pride, and I will never see them again.”  Isaac heard Clarence’s words, and saw the lion’s devastated expression.  He never thought Clarence would defend Sam, but the lion had.  Worse still, he’d learned certain tricks which only polar bears should know.


Isaac watched as Clarence helped Sam from the room, the polar bear still too beaten up to help the lion much.

      “Come on Sam,”  Clarence said, “help me here, crawl as best you can.”  Sam, still immobilised from the affects of the blow to his nose, could hardly lift a paw, let alone crawl up the stairs.  Clarence yelled to Tigger, who struggled from beneath the quilt and came to his aid.  With the combined efforts of Clarence and Tigger, Sam was hauled up the stairs and unceremoniously dumped on the quilt.  There he lay, exhausted and sobbing.  Soon Arki and Sam’s cub were fussing over Sam, but Arki knew that only time would heal the problems caused by Isaac’s attack on Sam’s nose.  Bathing Sam’s paw was easy enough, as the male polar bear couldn’t resist as Arki washed the wounded pads.  In fact, Sam could feel very little as Arki worked.  Once she’d finished, she made sure Sam was as comfortable as she could make him.  Once Sam was attended to, Clarence told Arki and Tigger what had taken place in the living room.  Arki was furious!

      “How dare he do something like that!”  She yelled, “Isaac’s behaviour is disgusting!”

     “He won’t be allowed to do anything like that again,”  Clarence promised, “I will make sure of that.”  Arki hugged Sam tightly, almost crying herself as she felt the male polar bear trembling violently.

      “It’s okay Sam, it’s going to be all right,”  Arki whispered.  Sam snuggled up to Arki, something which would have had Isaac spitting with anger if he’d known.  Arki felt a thrill of pleasure as Sam hugged her.



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