Raining cats and dogs.



Ellie was woken by banging on the door of the house where she and the other animals lived.  Yawning, she stretched and lay back down, hoping the banging would stop.  As it didn’t, Ellie shook herself and got to her feet.  Padding to the door, she yelled through the door to find out who was there.  She heard an answering bark from a dog, a large dog it seemed to be, although Ellie knew a bark could be deceiving.

      “Can we come in?”  the dog barked, “it’s raining out here!”  Ellie became concerned as now not two, but four paws were banging on the door!  Then there were six, then eight  paws banging on the door!

      “Who else is out there?”  She asked.

     “I have two tiger cubs and a golden Labrador with me, we’re all wet through to our skins!”

    “And what are you?”  Ellie asked, not sure if she was getting the true measure of the newcomers.

     “I’m a dog, a boxer dog, my name’s roly, and my Labrador friend is Lucky!”

     “It’s Lucy,”  someone whispered harshly.

     “Lucy, Lucky, what’s the difference?”  The boxer dog asked, “you were more than Lucky when I found you in that ditch, “so I think Lucky’s quite a good name for you.”

      “Look,”  Ellie yelled, “do you want to come in or not?

      “yes, we do, please,”  the boxer named Roly yelled.  Ellie opened the door, and the two dogs, and two tiger cubs walked into the house.  Lucky, or Lucy, , looked round the hallway.     “This place is too nice for us,”  she said, “we’re wet through, and my paws are covered in mud!”  She looked with growing distress at the muddy paw prints left on the carpet by the other members of her group.

      “We’re making a thorough mess of the place already, and we’re not in it five minutes!”  Lucy whimpered.  Ellie approached the Labrador, she looked as if she was about to cry.

      “Look, Lucky, it’s going to be all right,”  Ellie said, the Labrador bitch trying not to show her irritation at being addressed as “lucky”

     “My Name’s Lucy!”  the Labrador snapped.

      “Okay okay!”  Ellie said, waving a huge forepaw in a disarming manner, ~”I hear you.”

     “My paws are all covered with mud,”  Lucy barked.

     “yes, I was coming to that,”  Ellie said, “we can wash the mud off you Luck, I mean Lucy.”  Roly looked at Ellie with interest.

      “You’re not the usual pet domestic cat,”  he said.  Ellie bristled with anger!

     “Domestic cat?”  She spat, “No Sir, I’m not a domestic cat!  I’m a lynx!”

     “A lynx?”  Lucy asked, “but, they’re big cats, powerful cats, who will eat things like overfed domesticated dogs!  Oh Roly, what have we walked into here?  We’re gonna be eaten!”  Ellie, fast losing her temper, rounded on Lucy.

      “Look you stupid dog!”  She yelled, “just stand there, what’s the command? Oh yes,  stay!  I will go and find someone else who knows a bit more about this.”  Ellie ran off.  Busting into the lounge, she found Rocky, whom she knew was a domestic dog breed.

     “Look Rocky dear,”  Ellie said, “we have this overfed boxer dog and a silly Labrador bitch wanting help, and there are two tiger cubs too, but I can deal with them.  Please, go and talk to Lucky and Roly!

     “It’s Lucy!”  came a shout from the hallway.

     “Your name will be lunch if you don’t shut up!”  Ellie spat.  Lucy whimpered with terror!

      “now Ellie,”  Rocky said, “that’s a little harsh.  Domestic dogs aren’t used to big cats like you.  I’m an exception, not the rule.  Please, give Lucy and Roly a break.”  Ellie subsided into the sofa where she lived.  Clarence woke, heard the tail end of Rocky and Ellie’s conversation and leapt off the sofa to investigate.  The next thing Ellie heard was a howl of terror, followed by the sound of heavy paws scampering up the stairs, and Clarence’s yell of:

     “I’m not going to hurt you!”  Followed by Lucy’s scream of fear as she entered the main bedroom!

      “Nowhere’s safe in this place!”  Lucy barked, turning, only to see Leo coming up the stairs towards her!

      “We won’t hurt you,”  Leo purred, Lucy staring at the huge lion.

      “But, but there are so many animals here, all with huge claws and sharp teeth!”  Lucy barked.  Leo embraced Lucy in his paws, the Labrador whimpering and almost crying with fear.  Leo purred in her ear, hugging Lucy to him.

       “We’ll look after you Lucy,”  Leo purred.  Lucy sniffed a little, trying not to cry.

    “Come with me Lucy,”  Leo invited, let me introduce you to my friends.  Lucy padded along beside the huge lion.

      “We have a new arrival!”  Leo mewed.  Arki leapt off the quilt, frightening Lucy almost as much as Leo’s appearance had.  Howling with terror, Lucy tried to run, blundering into Leo and falling onto the lion’s back.  Lucy screeched and beat on Leo’s back with her forepaws!

     “I can’t cope with this!”  Lucy squealed.  Then, screaming, she tried to get out of the room, but the door was closed and she couldn’t manage it.

     “We’re not going to harm you!”  Arki yelled.

     “There are so many animals here, bears, tigers, foxes, even Leopards!  Are you telling me none of them mean me harm?”  Lucy asked.

       “I’m telling you exactly that,”  Arki replied, “look Lucky,,,”

     “It’s Lucy!”  the Labrador bitch yelled.

     “Okay Lucy,”  Arki said, “We won’t harm you, and that’s a promise.  Now come and meet the rest of us.”  In time, Lucy met Amber, Stifftail, Brushtail, Snowy, Sam, Brunetta, Tigger, and the cubs of the various animals.  Lucy found herself playing with Tigger’s cub, who took a great liking to her almost instantly.  Leo left to find Roly and the newest tiger cubs.  Leo settled the two tiger cubs downstairs, then escorted Roly upstairs, finding a spare rug on route, which he spread on the floor in a spare corner of the bedroom.  There Roly lay down as if this had been his home forever.  Settling himself comfortably, Roly called to Lucy, who, relieved he’d not been eaten, ran to roly and hugged him.  Roly stroked Lucy’s forepaws, the Labrador bitch trying her best to calm herself.

      “I think they are a good kind lot here,”  Roly said, “we should have a happy life here.”  Lucy nodded, trying to settle properly.  Eventually, she lay down beside Roly.



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