A raccoon Arrived during a rainstorm. One of the tiger cubs saw him banging on the front door with

his forepaw this morning while it rained outside. the poor raccoon was

soaked to the skin and the cub came tearing up the stairs, nearly tripping

over his own paws to tell some of the larger animals of the raccoon's plight. They told him to let it

in, and he said that he couldn't reach the door handle. the Tiger cub leapt

up, smacked the handle with his paw and the door opened. the raccoon came

in, dripping wet, ringing out his fur and asking for help getting dry.

furiously wiping his paws on the mat, he looked a sorry sight. the tiger

cub invited the raccoon into the lounge and told him to lie down beside the

radiator. the raccoon now knows the pleasure of having his paws warmed by a

radiator, as he lay close to it for ages, steam rising gently from his fur.

now he's totally dry, and enjoying his new life. he says he heard of the

place from a bird who'd seen the other animals through the window. this

raccoon was dug out of his home by a dog and had to run for his life. Wet

weather was the order of the day it seemed, and the raccoon had to walk for

miles in the wet arriving at the door early this morning with his fur

waterlogged. he said his tail was heavy with water, and that's something he

really hates. Isaac took an interest in the raccoon, who

promptly fled when he saw the bear. it was only when Isaac rolled onto his

back and waved his paws in the air that the raccoon regained his courage.

he laughed so hard he ended up rolling on the carpet and waving his paws in

the air just like the bear was doing. Isaac Caught the raccoon in his

forepaws and embraced him, something the raccoon wasn't prepared for, but

took in good spirit. he now knows Isaac won't eat him. the raccoon is now

meeting all the animals, and is due to meet snowy half tail and her crew

some time tonight. Isaac has told the raccoon, who says his name is Foster, about Tolstuka and snowy, the

leaders of the, "quilt crew," as he calls the animals who live on the quilt.


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