Whitie’s massage


Whitie finished Blanche’s paw massage and, checking her sister was asleep, Whitie left her and crawled towards Tigger.  Tigger, having finished Amber’s massage, gathered Whitie to him, hugging her close.  He loved the snow leopard cubs, and they knew it.  Whitie felt Tigger’s large soft paws take hold of her and snuggled up to the huge tiger.  She then felt his rough tongue licking her fur as he groomed her, something Tigger only did for cubs, although it was well known Amber wanted him to groom her in a similar manner, though could never bring herself to ask.  Whitie enjoyed the grooming session, but wanted to get on with the massage, as she’d felt Blanche’s reaction to it and wanted some herself.

       “I’m now going to start massaging your paws Whitie,”  Tigger said, taking her left forepaw in his.  Tigger marvelled at how tiny Whitie’s paws were, for she seemed to be forever the cub, never growing in stature, although maturing in mind all the time.  Tigger looked at, then massaged each of Whitie’s paws, the cub stretching out full length on the quilt.

      “Can I massage your paws after this?”  Whitie asked dreamily.

     “You can Whitie, you can,”  Tigger replied.

     “Thank you,”  Whitie whispered, concentrating hard on what her paws were telling her.  Whitie, not adept at wiggling her toes, gripped Tigger’s paw briefly in each of hers as he stroked it to let him know she was enjoying his attentions.  Whitie’s right forepaw was her soft spot, and when Tigger massaged it, Whitie gave herself up to pure pleasure.  Purring contentedly, Whitie enjoyed Tigger’s massage.  Once the massage ended, Whitie roused herself, and began to massage Tigger’s paws.  She found he had large, soft paws.  Tigger began to purr, just like Whitie had.



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