Kodiak and Arki take the plunge



Arki slept deeply, her paw in Kodiak’s.  The brown bear had such silky paws, and they were soft and warm too.  Arki knew this was because of Kodiak’s breeding, but it was also part of him.  Best of all, Kodiak knew how to make Arki feel wanted, which if she was honest with herself, she’d never felt from Sam.  Sam’s and her relationship had been forged by their mutual love for Candy, not for each other, and though Arki had fallen in love with Sam he hadn’t with her, and Sam had shown that plainly.  Kodiak filled Arki’s dreams, in which he was stroking her paws, soothing her fears and terrors away.  Arki’s dream seemed so real, as if the events in it were really happening.  In Arki’s dream, Kodiak massaged Arki’s paws, and when he’d finished, he lay down beside her and hugged her tightly.  Arki wished the dream would never end.  She woke in the early morning with her paws remembering the gentle touch of the bear in her dream.  Arki found Kodiak had taken one of her paws in his and now held it, even though he was sleeping peacefully.  His eyes closed, Kodiak slept deeply, even so, the grip on Arki’s paw was firm but gentle.  Arki didn’t mind this in the least, for it helped her remember her dream, the way the brown bear stroked and massaged her paws.  He’d been so considerate towards her.


When Kodiak woke, he found Arki watching him.

      “Did you sleep well?”  She asked.

      “I did,”  Kodiak said, “but I don’t know if you did Arki my dear.  You were crying out for help, and it was only when I began stroking your paws that you calmed down.”

     “So you were really stroking my paws!”  Arki exclaimed, “I thought I’d dreamt it.”

    “no,”  Kodiak replied, “that was no dream.”

      “It was lovely though,”  Arki replied, “you can really massage paws!”  Kodiak smiled.

     “the best of it was it soothed and calmed you down,”  he replied, “what was the first portion of your dream about?  You were crying out for help!”

      “Probably the same old nightmare,”  Arki said, “the one about the box and the plastic bags.  Maybe you stopped me from reaching that place just in time.  I see a long tunnel, then I’m lying in the dark place, with my paws against plastic and my nostrils full of the smell of cardboard and plastic bags!  I hate that smell!”  I get upset just thinking about it!”

     “Don’t talk about it any more,”  Kodiak replied, “I think I know what you mean, for I travelled in a box like that once.  I didn’t much like it, but it’s over and gone, never to return.”  Arki began to cry.

      “Hey Arki love, it’s all over,”  Kodiak said gently, “I promise, noone will put you into a plastic bag or cardboard box ever again!”  Arki sniffed and wiped her eyes with clenched paws.

      “I can’t forget it Kodiak, I really can’t!”  she sobbed.  Kodiak took Arki in his paws and held her close, gently stroking her ears and back with one forepaw while holding her with the other.

       “You’re safe now,”  he whispered, “I promise you’re safe now!”  Arki, her nose buried in Kodiak’s warm, sweet scented fur, breathed deeply in an attempt to calm herself.

      “Thank you Kodiak,”  Arki whispered.  Kodiak ruffled Arki’s ears with his paw, and she laughed with delight.

      “You are a softy Kodiak,”  Arki said, touching his nose with her paw.  Kodiak playfully stuck his tongue out at Arki, which had her laughing helplessly.  Kodiak released Arki and she lay for a while, just looking at, and not touching Kodiak.  Kodiak was doing much the same as Arki, drinking her in.  He knew the initial spark he’d felt for her had been real, for it had knocked him sideways.  Now he was close to being with Arki forever.

      “Arki,”  he said, “could you, I mean,  will you be my mate?”  Arki smiled.

      “I could be anyone’s mate,”  she said, “but I won’t be just anyone’s mate Kodiak, not after what I’ve gone through.  The bear I pledge myself to would have to be very special, a kind, gentle, considerate individual.  I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will give you all I have to give.”  Kodiak took Arki’s paw in his:

     “I will do my best to be a good friend and mate to you Arki,”  Kodiak said.  Arki smiled and, gently shaking her paw free from Kodiak’s, closed her eyes and, with both forepaws, began to explore Kodiak’s body, from his nose to the pads of all four paws.


Kodiak smiled as he felt Arki’s touch.  As Arki touched his nose, he nuzzled the pads of her paw, making her laugh merrily.


Finding her way over Kodiak’s body with her paws, Arki liked what she felt.  Extremely thick, Soft, beautifully warm fur, as well as gentle paws, each of which Kodiak used to take brief hold of hers as she found them, curling his toes round hers.  Kodiak’s paws were so soft and gentle, so very soft and gentle.  Feeling his paws embracing hers, Arki felt whole for the first time in ages.

     “I love you Kodiak,”  she whispered.  Kodiak enveloped Arki’s left forepaw in his right.

      “I love you too Arki dear,”  he replied.


Soon it was Kodiak’s turn to return Arki’s Massage, and he did, with all the consideration and gentility he’d been born with.  Arki snuggled up to Kodiak as his paws worked over her body from her nose to the toes of all four of her paws.  Arki felt safe, wanted and loved by this brown bear who was so very gentle and kind to her, and could be her mate. Arki was also glad Kodiak felt he was not too old to play crazy and sometimes rather cubbish games with her.




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