Fleur and Jespah grow closer.



Fleur entered the bathroom to survey her domain.  Tigger had told her about the oils he’d used during his time in the massage job.  Now it was Fleur’s turn, and she rested her paws on the bathtub, reading the legends on the bottles of oils.  There were some for the relief of stress, others to invigorate, others for pain relief, as well as yet more for softening paw pads and soothing stiff joints.  Fleur decided she’d give some of the oils a try herself, to see what happened.  Filling the bathtub with warm to hot water, Fleur clambered in and added some of the oils.  Fleur then rubbed herself down with a special bar of soap which rested on the side of the tub.  The soap left her pads soft and as smooth as they’d been when she was newborn.  Fleur rubbed the soap into the pads, fur and toes of her hind paws, enjoying the experience hugely.  When Jespah wandered in to see what was going on, and found fleur massaging the soap into her paws, he helped her, rubbing the soap all over her body, just as he’d do for any other animal.  Fleur realised how good this soap was, and when Jespah added yet more oils, Fleur was soon as relaxed as she could possibly get.  Fleur wiggled her toes, enjoying the sensation of the warm water on her pads.  Jespah smiled as he worked on fleur, feeling his love for Fleur growing with every passing minute.  Jespah, instead of asking Fleur to roll over onto her back so he could massage her belly and her left fore and hind paws, got into the water with her and waded round to her other side to do the job, much to Fleur’s delight and amusement.

      “Come,”  she said rolling onto her side in the water, “here is my belly, and here are my paws.”  Jespah threw his paws round Fleur and hugged her as tightly as he could.  Fleur, now in the one place she wanted to be more than anywhere else in the world, kissed Jespah on the nose, reaching up with one wet forepaw to touch his whiskers.  Jespah held Fleur tenderly, the water massaging their bodies.

      “This is lovely,”  Fleur mewed, stroking the lion cub’s emerging mane.

       “I want this to last forever,”  Jespah mewed, kissing Fleur on her nose and tracing the pads of her left forepaw with the toes of his right.

       “Isn’t that lovely,”  Bianca said, padding into the bathroom.  Fleur and Jespah didn’t mind the young tiger cub seeing them together.  Jespah smiled at Bianca and said:

     “Now you let all the others know of this, of our love for each other.”  Bianca knew some disagreed with Fleur and Jespah’s emerging relationship, and was only too willing to educate those who disagreed by spreading the good news.  Turning tail, she left the bathroom, dancing on her toes with delight.

       “She’s a lovely cub,”  Fleur mewed.  Jespah smiled and stroked Fleur’s ears.

      “Bianca is that,”  he said, running his paw down Fleur’s back.  Fleur curled her long tail round Jespah, tickling the sole of his right hind paw with it.  Jespah laughed, gripping Fleur’s tail with his toes.

      “You’re beautiful Fleur,”  Jespah whispered, “beautiful from your spotted nose to the spotted soles of your paws.”  Fleur hugged Jespah tightly, working the toes of her fat forepaws into his fur.

       “I love you so much Jespah,”  she mewed, “from your pinkish nose, to the pinkish pads of your paws.”  She kissed Jespah’s nose, then kissed the pads of his right forepaw.

     “Your paws have pinkie black pads, your nose is pinkie black too,”  Jespah mewed.  Fleur held him tightly.  The two cubs stroked each other from nose to tail once more, then left the bathtub.


Padding over to the towels, Jespah and Fleur rubbed each other down, enjoying this almost as much as the bath time.  The two cubs rubbed each other down thoroughly, pausing from time to time to embrace each other with their paws.  The other animals watched them, knowing fleur and Jespah were inseparable.

      “I told you it was lovely!”  Bianca mewed to Leo.  Leo hugged Bianca tightly.


“I don’t know if this is right or not,”  Clarence mewed, “I know fleur and Jespah are good friends, but this is not just friendship, it’s deeper!”

     “I think it’s rather sweet,”  Shuang said.  Clarence looked at her.

     “You are only a cub, so you wouldn’t know how strange this all is,”  he mewed, “I am all for fleur and Jespah being friendly, but not this!”

      “Maybe you don’t know the full story,”  Salty mewed, “It’s a long one, starting from when Jespah, hiding in the wood after his mother’s expulsion from the community, saw Perdy struggling to give birth to fleur.  He watched her birth, then wanted to be with her, but could not be with her.  When he finally was able to be with her, Jespah took fleur in his paws and promised he’d never leave her.  they love each other from noses to paw pads, and will never let each other go.”  Clarence looked at Jespah, who was now stroking Fleur’s left hind paw, the cross bred cub lying relaxed and almost asleep.  Jespah examined Fleur from her nose to the toes of the paw he was holding in his.  Fleur’s head, with pinkie black nose and black whiskers rested on the rug on which she lay, her eyes closed in sleep.  Her forepaws, both large, fat spotted paws, rested on their sides, relaxed with claws well tucked away.  Fleur’s left forepaw rested, the back of her paw touching her chin, as if she was resting her head on it.  Jespah looked at Fleur’s paw pads, they were pinkie black, and large, her toes fat and entire paw very cub like.  Jespah Kissed Fleur’s nose, then kissed the brown fur of her right forepaw, fleur shifting slightly as she felt his touch.  Jespah examined fleur from nose to tail, missing nothing and loving every part of her.  Lastly, Jespah examined the paw he held, stroking Fleur’s paw so she relaxed her toes, showing the black spots against the brown background of her fur on the sole of her paw.  Jespah loved Fleur’s fur, especially her spotted paws.  Jespah gently stroked Fleur’s paw until the cross bred cub slightly curled her toes, the spots disappearing as her pads bunched together.  Jespah let go of Fleur’s paw and ran his own paws over her body, missing nothing, while fleur, now semi conscious, pressed herself hard into his paws, loving every minute of his  attentions.

     “I felt you kiss my nose and paw,”  Fleur mewed, “you then set to examining my paws.  I know you like my paws.”  Jespah smiled:

     “I love all of you, from your pinkish nose and muddy brown fur, to the bands on your long tail and the pinkish black pads on your spotted paws fleur.”  Jespah took hold of Fleur’s right hind paw, and she curled her toes hard round his.

     “I love you Fleur,”  Jespah mewed, tenderly stroking her paw.  Fleur released Jespah’s paw, and then got up, shook herself and lay down again, Jespah watching her all the time.

     “Now I’m going to examine you,”  fleur said, “to touch you with my whiskers and paws is what I most desire.”

     “There, I told you!”  Clarence mewed, burying his face in his paws in frustration, “those two are in deep love, and it’s too soon for that!”

      “Oh give up will you Clarence!”  Salty mewed, “they have a lovely relationship.”

      “now let me stroke you Jespah,”  Fleur mewed, taking his paw in hers and then touching the lion cub’s nose with hers and kissing it.  Jespah purred contentedly as Fleur worked her paws over his body, from his head to the tassel on the end of his tail.  Jespah did just as Pakshalika had when she was newborn, working his paws into Fleur’s as her own paws found them.  Fleur’s and Jespah’s combined purring vibrated the air, and it was quite obvious what both cubs felt towards each other.


Fleur examined Jespah minutely, from his pinkish nose, to the pinkish pads of his four expressive paws.  She found he had tawny fur, a dark brown mane, gentle golden eyes, a brown tassel on the end of his tail, a strong body, short legs and large soft paws with pinkish pads on the soles.  Fleur found Jespah loved having his belly and paws stroked and tickled, as much as she did.  Soon Jespah was laughing helplessly as Fleur tickled his paws and belly, both cubs rolling on the carpet, trying to bat at each other’s whiskers and tickle each other’s paws all at once.  Matilda laughed helplessly as she watched the two cubs playing.  She’d never held any particular view on whether Fleur and Jespah’s blossoming love was a good or bad thing, she was just glad to see noone fighting for a change.


Hop along  and Tinka were ecstatic at the growing friendship between the two cubs, as were Elsa, Theo and their cubs.


Once Jespah and Fleur had made sure their bodies and paws tingled nicely, they broke off their rough and tumble game and walked on light paws to the pool complex where they dragged out a raft and shot down the open slide in it, Jespah consenting to this, as he knew Fleur wouldn’t put him in any danger at all.  Once they’d ridden the slide on the raft three times they left the raft in storage and swum about in the main pool for a while, each trying to catch the other’s tail.  It would be fair to say that Jespah would have won this game, as Fleur had so much tail for him to get hold of, had She not made up for her disadvantage in the game by looping her tail whenever Jespah got hold of it, so her body came round so she could get her forepaws within range of the pads on the soles of his hind paws to tickle them until Jespah could hardly swim.  This Fleur did, settling the game as a draw.  Once they tired of this game, the two cubs left the pool, not forgetting to pause and wave up at the camera as they passed it.  Snowy, up in the control room that day, smiled as she watched fleur and Jespah’s play.


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