Ellie’s secret life.



Nick woke slowly.  He’d recently moved upstairs and now lived with Arki, Allie and the brown bears on the quilt.  Stretching languidly, Nick flexed the toes of all four paws, enjoying the feel of the warm soft quilt beneath his pads.  Smiling to himself, he stretched out full length, his left forepaw touching Raja’s right fore, the tiger enfolding nick’s fat paw in his, startling the lynx.

     “Oh, Raja!”  Nick exclaimed, waking fully.  Raja smiled and massaged the paw he held.

      “I’m sorry,” the tiger mewed, “I won’t take your paw next time if you don’t want me to.”

      “But, well, I don’t, I mean I didn’t, I mean, what I mean to say is I wasn’t expecting you to take my paw in yours.  Now you’ve got hold of my paw, well, I quite like what you’re doing.  You can keep hold of my paw, in fact, please, stroke the other three if you will,” Nick stammered.  Raja smiled and brushed Nick’s whiskers with his.

        “I will,” The tiger purred, “for I know a paw massage calms you.  You were crying out last night, whimpering and mewing.”  Nick knew why he’d been so upset, and knew that he’d wished for someone to soothe him by stroking his paws.  While he was thinking about this, Nick felt someone else take hold of his left hind paw and begin to stroke it.  These paws weren’t those of a tiger, but those of a bear, a polar bear to be accurate.  Nick smiled at Allie, who drummed on the pads of the toes of his left hind paw, Nick curling his toes round those of the female polar bear, feeling how warm her paw was.

       “I love that,” he mewed.  Allie smiled.

     “I thought you might,” she said, gently shaking her paw until he released it, then leaning over and kissing him on his nose.  Nick’s eyes took Allie in from her nose to her toes.

       “Thank you Allie and you Raja,” Nick purred.  Allie enveloped Nick’s left hind paw in both of her forepaws, wishing she could stroke more of him.  She knew Ellie and he were still in love, but Allie was lonely at heart, and Nick was so gentle and kind.

       “I’m spoken for Allie,” Nick mewed, pressing his toes against her pads.  Allie sighed regretfully:

     “I’m sorry,” she said, “I shouldn’t have even thought it.  I know how easily thoughts transfer when paw touches paw.  Nick smiled and wiggled his toes, Allie smiling and burying her face in Nick’s shoulder.

      “You fancy him don’t you Allie,” Brunetta said.  Allie smiled shyly.

      “I like you from the nose on your handsome face to the pads on your gorgeous fat paws,” Allie said, hugging Nick tenderly.  Nick smiled, working his paws into Allie’s fur.  Allie used her paws to illustrate her next words.

      “I want to touch your nose, stroke your ears, massage your body, and tickle your paws!”  Allie laughed, tickling Nick’s pads.  Nick laughed helplessly.

      “Stop tickling my paws you rogue!”  He laughed, plainly loving every minute.  Allie went to town on Nick’s paws, until the lynx rolled onto his back and waved his well tickled and stroked paws in the air.  Allie laughed with Nick, letting him tickle and stroke her paws, both ending up rolling in play on the quilt.  Once both lynx and polar bear had both thoroughly stroked and tickled each other’s paws, they lay together exhausted and happy.

    “My paws are tingling!”  Allie laughed.  Nick smiled at Allie while gently rubbing her pads to soothe her tingling paws.


Ellie, having padded noiselessly into the room just before Allie’s illustration of how much of Nick she thought was handsome and gorgeous, watched the goings on.  She had seen the way Allie looked at Nick, and wondered if she should run away.  Ellie and Clarence had been seeing each other from time to time, especially when Nick was out patrolling the wood.  Now she knew Nick still loved her, but she was unsure if she still loved him.  Padding away, Ellie went to find Clarence.


Finding the lion on patrol in the wood, Ellie ran to him and threw herself at his feet.

      “Nick still loves me,” she mewed, “I saw him with Allie, and she likes him, if you see what I mean, and he told her he was spoken for, but now, now I know you and I have been seeing each other, and I don’t know if we can carry on like this Clarence!”

      “We can’t,” Clarence replied, “You must go back to your mate Ellie.  I feel something for you, but I know life with Nick is better for you.  Now go Ellie, before Nick finds you here.”  Ellie padded away, knowing the lion spoke truth.  Nick was faithful to her from his whiskers to his paw pads, and the knowledge of this and her unfaithful behaviour tore at her.  Padding towards the house, her head drooping miserably, Ellie wondered if Nick knew anything of her unfaithful behaviour.  She and Clarence had got close, and one thing had led to another.  Ellie stopped dead.  Clarence and Ellie, in their last secret meeting had gone further than they ever had before.  Now Ellie had the dreadful thought she might be in cub.  If that was the case, then Nick would know of her infidelity soon enough.

      “Maybe it would be best if I told him,” Ellie thought.  A paw touching hers stopped her.  Ellie felt the blood draining into her paws as she saw Nick standing beside her.

      “Ellie?”  He asked gently, looking at her in that way he had which moved her to tears, “are you all right love?”  Ellie knew Nick loved her with all he had, and that the news she had for him would tear him apart.

       “Nick,” Ellie said miserably, “I can’t hide it from you any more.  I’ve been a dreadful mate to you, for, for while you were out on patrol with Raja, I’ve been seeing Clarence.”  Nick looked shattered.

      “It was just like in my dream,” he mewed, “last night, I dreamt I saw a female lynx giving birth to a cross bred cub.  That was the end of a dreadful dream about a lynx and a lion getting together, the outcome of which was the birth of a highbred cub.  I cried bitterly when I saw that cub born, not for the cub’s sake, but for whom I knew the mother of the cub to be.  Though you didn’t look me in the eye Ellie, I knew it was you giving birth to that cub.”

      “No doubt I was too ashamed,” Ellie mewed, not doubting Nick’s dream.

      “So you are in cub?”  Nick asked.

     “I might be,” Ellie mewed, hiding nothing now.

      “What did I do to make you do it Ellie?”  Nick sobbed.  Ellie forced herself to look into Nick’s face.

      “I don’t know,” she mewed, “I suppose I was lonely, not wanting to go out on patrols with you, Raja and Pipin.  I’ve liked Clarence a lot for a long time now, and we got talking, one thing led to another and now, well, you and I are here.”

      “You got lonely?”  Nick asked, “I always came back to you after patrols.  Patrols are mandatory here; we all need to go on them from time to time.  You’ve always found something else to do with your time, so noone’s asked you, but I know salty was thinking of it.  Now I know what you were doing with your time you bitch!  Does Pipin know about your disgusting partnership?”

     “No,” Ellie mewed, “I’m sorry Nick!  I, well, just got carried away.  It’s no reflection on you.  I know you came back to me after your work, I know you sort me and your cub for years.  I love you Nick, and that’s why I’m telling you straight up.  Now, now I will go, for I’ve ruined our relationship, and worst of all, our friendship.  Now, now please, let me go, and you will see me no more.”  Nick turned away, his tears splashing into the grass.

      “I don’t know what to do,” he thought, “I don’t know what to do!  Nothing matters now!”  But he knew deep down, even then, that he was wrong, Pipin mattered, and he was not to blame for this.

       “You tell your cub what you did Ellie!”  Nick yelled.  Ellie wasn’t sure by “your cub,” if Nick meant her unborn one or Pipin.  Nick trailed into the house, his world falling to bits.

       “Can I help?”  Someone asked, placing a huge warm paw on Nick’s.

       “Snowy!”  Nick sobbed, “she, Ellie, she, she’s been,”

     “I know,” snowy mewed, lying down and gathering Nick close, “come here my dear,” she mewed, kissing Nick’s nose and paws.”  Whimpering with misery, Nick buried his face in the snow tigress’s thick fur.

      “Come,” Snowy mewed, “let’s go from here.”  Nick felt the snow tigress’s huge paws enveloping his own.

      “You remained true to Ellie until the end,” snowy mewed, “now Nick, please remember this.  None of this is your fault.”

      “Hug me snowy!”  Nick begged, relaxing as snowy enveloped him in her huge warm paws.  Allie watched them, horrified at what she’d seen and heard.  She couldn’t help thinking her conduct on the quilt had contributed to Nick and Ellie’s break up, but she knew in her heart she’ played no part.  Even so, she vowed to keep her paws to herself unless Nick asked her to play with him.  Miserably, Allie made her way upstairs and lay down on the quilt.  Some time later, a nose gently brushed hers, and she felt a paw take her own.  The paw was familiar, a fat warm paw it was, and one which she had been stroking and tickling earlier that day.

      “Allie?”  Nick asked gently.  The female polar bear opened her eyes and looked into Nick’s face.

      “Oh, nick!”  Allie exclaimed, not knowing what to do next, “I’m, so, so sorry about what happened earlier.”  Nick touched her nose with his whiskers, and then kissed it, making Allie catch her breath.

       “Take me there,” Nick mewed.  Allie looked at the lynx.

      “But what about Ellie?”  Allie asked.

     “She didn’t care about me,” Nick mewed.  Allie hesitated:

     “I suppose not,” she replied faintly.

      “Can I stroke your paws Allie?”  Nick asked.  The female polar bear looked at him.

      “You can,” she replied, “I’d love you to.  Nick smiled.

     “Thanks,” he said.

      “Isn’t it a bit early to be doing this?”  Allie asked.

      “Ellie went off with Clarence for no good reason,” Nick replied, “I remained with her until the end.  Now I can let whomever I like stroke me, and I can stroke them if they’d like me to.  Come on Allie, let’s have some fun,” nick replied, feeling reckless and wanting her to massage all the parts of him she found handsome and gorgeous.  Allie smiled, knowing the lynx wouldn’t have asked her to stroke him unless he was totally sure.

       “You were faithful to Ellie from your whiskers to your paw pads Nick,” Allie said, “How much of you do you want me to stroke?”

       “The question from me to you is the very same,” Nick mewed, “how much of you do you want me to stroke?”

     “The whole of me, from my nose to my paw pads and toes,” Allie replied.

     “Same here,” Nick replied, “I will give the whole of me to someone who appreciates me for who I am.”  Allie kissed Nick’s nose.

       “Can I tickle your paws like we did last time?”  She asked.

      “As long as I can tickle yours,” Nick mewed, knowing that even if she’d refused, he would have let her tickle his.

      “I’d love you to,” Allie replied, picking up Nick’s left forepaw in both of her own.  Allie used her paws to explore Nick’s head, body, legs, paws and tail, both of them enjoying every minute.


Meanwhile, Clarence lay in his hideaway, furious with Ellie for what she’d done to nick.  Clarence knew he was partly to blame, but Ellie herself made no attempt to stop him from making advances towards her.  Now Ellie was in cub, Clarence could feel it.  Ellie lay down beside Clarence, the lion giving her a terrible look.

      “How could you do it to a lynx like Nick!”  Clarence mewed.  Ellie looked down at her paws.

      “I’m so stupid!”  She mewed, “I shouldn’t have done it, but I have, and now Nick’s gone from my life.”

     “I wonder who’s going to take him in their paws.”  Clarence asked, “apart from Snowy that is.”  Ellie mewed pitifully.

      “I don’t know,” She mewed, “though I don’t suppose he’ll have to wait long.  He’s so kind and gentle, that he’ll be swept up in the paws of another female before long.”  Little was Ellie to know that Nick had already been swept up in the paws of a large and very friendly female polar bear.


Allie and Nick lay curled up together paw in paw.  Both knew what Ellie had done, and knew also that she was in cub with Clarence’s cub.  Allie stroked Nick from his nose to his toes, wanting the lynx to know how she felt about him.  Nick had a very good idea, and wondered if Allie had been taking an interest in him for a long time before this.

     “Everything about you is lovely Nick,” Allie said softly kissing the lynx on his nose.  Nick looked Allie over from nose to tail and smiled with genuine pleasure.  She was large, with soft fur and warm, soft, extremely gentle paws.  Raja grinned at Nick:

      “You’ve got something going there I think,” he said.  Nick smiled.

       “I’m tired,” Allie yawned, curling round Nick so her fur acted like a warm blanket.  Nick snuggled into the female polar bear’s fur, his body and paws becoming warmer with every passing second.  Purring, Nick fell asleep ensconced in Allie’s warm fur.  Raja smiled at them, glad Nick had found a friend in Allie.


Allie had dreams of staying with Nick forever, her life entwined with that of the male lynx.  She loved everything about Nick, from his gentle nature and warmth, to his physical appearance, right down to the pads on the soles of his fat paws.  Nick also had dreams, and they were filled with a large white female polar bear with large fat paws like his own.


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