Bruin tries to make amends.



Bruin was livid!  Angry Clarence had got the warm rug, and furious Brunetta was stroking Snowy’s paws, he realised he was going nowhere.  Relaxing all four paws and breathing deeply, he tried to think clearly.  Covering his face with his paws, Bruin breathed deeply, once, twice, thrice, until his muscles relaxed.  Bruin crawled up the stairs to where Brunetta lay on the quilt.  Brunetta watched him coming, Bruin all the while trying to look as apologetic as possible.

     “What do you want Bruin?”  Brunetta asked.

      “I want to, to apologise,”  Bruin stammered, “to you, to Snowy.  I realise now that I was stupid to attack Snowy, and Whitie, and that I will try to get on with Snowy.  You can stroke Snowy’s paws, for she obviously likes it, and maybe it does some good for her.”  Brunetta stared open mouthed at Bruin.

      “Are you serious?”  She asked, “please, someone tell me I’m dreaming!”

       “I’m serious Brunetta, Really I am!”  Bruin sobbed, “I want to make amends for what I’ve done!”

      “You will have to go a long way to remedy your behaviour!”  Amber snarled, “you attacked my cub!”  Bruin rolled onto his back exposing his belly and the soles of his paws for the inspection of the quilt community.

       “There he goes, rolling over like a dog!”  Reynard barked.  Brushtail hid her face in her paws to disguise the fact she was grinning.

      “You look so funny Bruin!”  Brushtail barked, finally giving up the struggle and rolling on the rug, laughing helplessly and waving her paws in the air!  Bruin realised the white fox was laughing at him and leapt to his paws!

     “You are a disrespectful animal!”  Bruin yelled, thumping Brushtail with all his strength!  Brushtail squealed with pain and retaliated, biting Bruin once through his left forepaw and twice on the nose.  Bruin backed off, screaming and yelling hysterically!

       “How dare you attack my mum!”  Tilly yelled, leaping on top of Bruin, who moaned with pain as Tilly’s tiny paws slapped at his head.

     “All right, stop it all of you!”  Arki commanded, “Bruin’s suffered enough!”

      “He attacked my mum!”  Tilly barked.

      “This has all gone completely out of control!”  Arki yelled, “Tilly, step back, Brushtail, you step back also!  Let me get to Bruin.”  Arki crawled to Bruin’s side.

      “I feel dreadful!”  Bruin whimpered.  Arki checked the brown bear over, finding injuries to his left forepaw and to his nose.  Bruin began to weep like a frightened cub.

      “I wanted, wanted to make amends with Brunetta Arki,”  Bruin sobbed, salt from his tears getting into the puncture wounds on his nose and causing him even more discomfort and pain, “I rolled onto my back to show submission, and that dam white fox began laughing at me!”

      “You shouldn’t have reacted like you did, but I also agree that Brushtail overreacted,”  Arki replied.

      “Just let me talk to Brunetta, please!”  Bruin pleaded.  Arki bathed the brown bear’s wounds, and then helped him onto the quilt where Brunetta took over, hugging Bruin tightly.

       “I’m sorry Brunetta,”  Bruin sobbed, “sorry for everything, for attacking Snowy, for saying that you couldn’t stroke Snowy’s paws, and for attacking Whitie when she challenged me.  I should have seen she’s only a cub.  I attacked a cub, a blind cub too!”  Brunetta hugged Bruin tightly, and while she was doing this, snowy took hold of Bruin’s left hind paw in both her forepaws and began to stroke it.  Bruin felt himself relaxing as Snowy’s paw massage did its work.  Snowy turned her attention to Bruin’s right hind paw, and the bear made an effort to place his paw in Snowy’s, the snow tigress patting the pads of Bruin’s paw, acknowledging his assent to her stroking him.  Bruin pressed his paw into Snowy’s, the tigress stopping her massage and giving Bruin the same advice as Whitie had her.

     “Let your paw lie in mine Bruin, don’t press it into mine.”  Bruin closed his eyes, letting snowy work her magick over all four of his paws, including the damaged forepaw.  Snowy went extra carefully over Bruin’s injured left forepaw, even so, she managed to massage it.  Bruin was soon asleep, with Brunetta embracing him tightly.

      “My work’s done,”  Snowy said, releasing Bruin’s right forepaw.  Tigger looked at snowy:

      “Would you stroke my paws snowy?”  he asked.  Snowy looked at him.  She opened her mouth to tell Tigger in no uncertain terms why she was not going to stroke his paws, everything to do with him now occupying her rightful place under the quilt and all that, when she realised that, if she’d not hit Tigger, she’d still be beneath the quilt herself.

      “Rapid recalculation snowy?”  Amber asked.  Snowy looked down at her paws.

       ”Something like that,”  she replied.  Snowy stroked Tigger’s paws, the Bengal tiger purring as Snowy’s huge warm paws worked their magick on his.



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