Danger for blanche.



Stifftail looked at Blanche.  He’d overheard Tigger and Whitie’s conversation, and didn’t much like it.  Tigger’s term of endearment towards Whitie sickened Stifftail.  How long would it be before the sentimental tiger enchanted Blanche and started calling her something as silly as Blanchey cub?  Stifftail clenched his paws in an attempt to keep himself from walloping anyone.  Blanche felt Stifftail’s clenched paw and realised why his paw was clenched.

      “You hate Tigger don’t you Stifftail?”  Blanche asked.  Stifftail growled:

      “I hate that dam Tiger!”  Stifftail snarled.  Blanche wanted to go to Tigger.  Crawling towards him, she was stopped when Stifftail grabbed hold of her tail!

     “Let go of my tail!”  Blanche mewed, kicking out at Stifftail with one tiny hind paw, the blow landing on Stifftail’s forepaw, the male snow leopard hardly noticing it.  Stifftail bit down on the end of Blanche’s tail!  Blanche screamed!

       “What are you doing Stifftail!”  she yelled, “stop biting my tail!”  Stifftail walloped his, Blanche crying as the pain increased.

     “Let go of her!”  Amber commanded, “Stifftail, let go of my cub!”  Stifftail spat at Amber, spitting ripped out fur over the quilt.  Blanche howled in agony, wriggling and kicking in an attempt to free herself.  Tigger had seen enough!  He turned on Stifftail, beating the adult male snow leopard over the head with a pillow.  Stifftail was forced to leave off biting Blanche as Tigger tried to suffocate him!

      “Leave me alone!”  Stifftail yelled, his voice muffled by the large pillow Tigger was using to smother the snow leopard.

       “You attacked an innocent cub!”  Tigger yelled, coshing Stifftail with the pillow.

      “Leave me alone!”  Stifftail pleaded, now Fearing for his own life.

     “You do not attack my cubs!”  Tigger yelled.

       “Get him Tigger!”  Arki cheered.  Tigger hauled on Stifftail’s tail, making the snow leopard scream!

      “Want me to bite on your tail?”  Tigger asked.  Stifftail moaned with fear and pain.

       “Leave it out both of you!”  Brunetta screamed, walloping Stifftail!

      “right, now you’re for it!”  Stifftail bellowed, attacking Brunetta!  Tigger beat the snow leopard off the female brown bear, throwing him off the quilt onto the floor.

      “You are a horrible animal  Stifftail!”  Tigger yelled.


Meanwhile, Amber was embracing blanche, and doing her best to tend to the cub’s injuries.  Amber had always feared this would happen, and now it had, she was determined not to let blanche get into danger once more.  Whitie hugged her sister, stroking the sobbing cub’s ears, nose and paws in an attempt to soothe her.  Blanche sobbed with pain and fear.

     “Keep him a way from me!”  She begged, “keep Stifftail away from me Whitie!”  Whitie hugged Blanche, stroking her sister’s forepaws in a desperate attempt to calm her.

      “Stifftail won’t come anywhere near you now,”  Whitie said to Blanche, who clung to her with all four paws.

      “come here both of you,”  Amber said to her cubs.  When they were beside her, Amber hugged each cub in turn.


Meanwhile, Tigger was giving Stifftail a hiding.  Tigger battered at Stifftail with all four paws, kicking the adult snow leopard’s body with his hind paws, and slapping at his head with his fore.  Stifftail screamed as the tiger’s paws slammed into his body!

      “You deserve all you’re getting you horrid creature!”  Hazel, one of the white squirrels yelled.

      “When I get free of this mad tiger,”  Stifftail yelled, “you’ll be next on my list for destruction!”  Tigger’s paw smashed into Stifftail’s nose, making the snow leopard roar with pain!

      “You bully, you great big bully!”  Stifftail sobbed.  Tigger left him then, levering himself off Stifftail causing him as much pain as he could.  Amber watched the fight:

      “Are you all right Tiggie?”  She asked.  Tigger flexed each paw in turn.

     “Stifftail bit one of my paws, but it’s nothing much,”  he replied, “I’m fine.”  Stifftail crawled into a corner and lay down to sulk.  He’d not expected Tigger to be so good at Paw to paw combat.  His head aching, Stifftail settled down to consider his next move.


Amber embraced Tigger tightly, feeling the tiger flinch slightly as she did so.

     “Has he hurt you Tiggie?”  Amber asked.  Tigger grinned:

      “A little,”  he said, but it’s only bruising.  Tigger licked Amber’s ear, the female snow leopard purring with happiness and relief her mate had survived.  Tigger took one of Amber’s forepaws in his and began to examine it.  He loved everything about Amber.  It was her personality which had first attracted him to her, but now he could see her as well as know the mind of the owner of the white fur and black spots, he’d begun to explore her with his eyes and paws, liking what he found.  Tigger loved Amber from her ears to her paws.  She was massive, but so gentle towards everyone.  Everything about her was huge!  Her paws and tail were the most enormous paws and the longest tail he’d ever seen on a big cat.  Amber new Tigger was fascinated by her tail, and quite often, during their times together, Amber would curl her tail round one of Tigger’s hind paws and tickle the sole of his paw by twitching the end of her tail, something which made Tigger laugh merrily.  Amber watched Tigger examining and stroking her forepaw, and casually wrapped her tail around his right hind paw, using the end to tickle his pads.  Tigger yelped with surprise, and tried to free his paw, an instinctive reaction.  Amber then tightened her tail round his paw, showing him how strong the muscles in her tail actually were.  Tigger whimpered and Amber took him in her paws and hugged him, loosening her hold on his hind paw.

     “that was scary!”  Tigger mewed.  Amber stroked Tigger’s paws.

      “I didn’t mean to frighten you,”  she said, “I was only playing.”

     “The bit when you tightened your tail around my paw, that was scary,”  Tigger replied.  Amber let Tigger take her forepaw in both of his and stroke it.  Amber’s paws were large and thickly furred.  The sole of her paw had thick fur on it, her pads furred also.  Amber purred as Tigger began to stroke her paw.

      “I love you Amber,”  Tigger whispered.  Amber smiled and nuzzled one of the paws stroking hers.

     “I love you too Tiggie,”  Amber replied.  Whitie listened to Tigger and her mother’s talk.  Smiling, she dove beneath the quilt and tickled one of Tigger’s hind paws.  The tiger Squealed with fear and whipped his paw away.

      “What’s that!”  He yelled, “something tickled my paw!”  Amber grinned:

     “That was Whitie,”  she said, “I saw her diving under the quilt and now she’s tickled your paw.  Tigger watched as Whitie emerged from beneath the quilt.

      “You bad cub!”  He scolded, “Whitie grinned, as Tigger embraced her tenderly.


Blanche listened to the conversations going on around her.  She knew Tigger had saved her from certain death.  Blanche crawled over the quilt to Tigger and hugged him.

      “Thank you Tigger,”  she said.  Tigger purred as he felt Blanche’s hug.

      “I love you Blanche, my dear, blanche cub.”  Stifftail moaned as if wounded at Tigger’s term of endearment towards Blanche.

      “I think we’ve just upset Stifftail,”  Whitie said.

      “Frankly my dear Whitie cub,”  Tigger replied, “I don’t care.”  Blanche yawned, feeling Tigger’s paws embracing her.

     “I could sleep for a week,”  she said.

      “You’re safe now,”  Whitie said to Blanche.  Blanche hugged her sister tightly.

      “Thank you Whitie,”  Blanche replied, stroking Whitie’s forepaws.  Amber watched her cubs.  She knew she loved Tigger, Whitie and Blanche, and they loved her.

     “I love you all,”  she said.  Tigger sighed contentedly.  Tigger, Whitie, Blanche, and Amber relaxed, secure in the knowledge Stifftail was being watched intently.


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