the arrival of a large female snow leopard earlier today immediately ruined snowy half tail's day, and the poor leopard didn't even realise she'd done

anything wrong.  of course, the arrival of a large female snow leopard caused changes which affected Snowy half tail.  the arrangement arrived at when Whitie and her sister

arrived at my home six months ago was that Snowy could look after them until their mother was found.  now their mother has been found, Snowy's having to

give up responsibility for whitie and her sister and take responsability for her own cubs, who've been looked after by the Bengal tigress for six months.

 Needless to say, snowy was not very impressed when a snow leopard arrived.  Growling and spitting at the newcomer, snowy had to be restrained by tolstuka,

who sat on her to stop her attacking the new snow leopard While Whitie and her sister crawled across the quilt towards their mother, whom they remembered,

even though they'd been separated for so long.  Snowy calmed down when her own cubs arrived, led by Isaac , who'd appointed himself leader of the reunion.

 now alls peace, although Snowy half tail has decided she hates Whitie's mother, who being larger and more mobile than Snowy, doesn't really mind what

the snow tigress thinks of her, as she can defend herself and her cubs.

Snowy also envies the snow leopard because of her tail.  Snowy knows what her nick name is, and she hates the new snow leopard for having such a long tail.

 the worst of it is that the new female snow leopard has a habit of letting her cubs use her tail as a plaything, where both Whitie and her sister catch

the end of their mother's tail in their forepaws.

Isaac showed his menacing side today.  sensing danger towards the new snow leopard and her cubs, he walked round to Snow half tail's side of the quilt and

showed her his paws, telling her he'd use them to do her harm if she even thought of harming either Whitie, her sister, or their mother.  bruin also threw

in his help, meaning snowy has to be careful, or we really could end up with a riot.


Whitie is now snuggled up to her mother Who’s name is Amber, her sister lying close by.  the adult female snow leopard holds Whitie between her forepaws, embracing her cub.

Amber is almost purring with contentment.  In fact her cubs can't believe their luck either.  Having been separated from her cubs

when she was chased by men, Amber feels she's whole again now she's found her cubs.  I believe she wandered for months looking

for her cubs, even stowing away on a boat to get to other lands where she might find them.  Sleeping rough, Amber trekked all over England, before hearing

of a cat, who'd seen two snow leopard cubs going into a house about six months ago.  Talking to the cat, Amberlearned of the possible

whereabouts of her cubs and came banging on my door.  it was raining that day, and looked in a sorry state, as well as being anxious about

her cubs.  foster, who answered the door, said later that the snow leopard looked ill, though she said she was fine.   Amber told the

raccoon her business and asked if he'd seen two snow leopard cubs fitting the description she'd given.  foster said he had, and that he would consult with

Isaac, who knew Whitie and her sister better than he did to see if they were indeed the female snow leopard's lost cubs.  Isaac immediately invited the

snow leopard in, and firmly closed the door behind her long tail, ignoring Foster's protestations that the snow leopard might be dangerous!  Isaac told

Foster firmly that it would be better if he looked before opening his mouth, and let the snow leopard upstairs to where snowy half tail and her crew reside.

 As I've already said, snowy's welcome for the newcomer wasn't very pleasant.

now all's peaceful, that is until snowy decides to have another rant at the female snow leopard.

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