Arki, a large female polar bear, woke slowly from a nightmare.  She'd dreamt she was in  a dark place, hardly able to breathe or  move.  She realised the nightmare

wasn’t just her imagination playing tricks, but real enough.  Arki had lost all feeling in her left forepaw due to the way she was lying,

that was to say, with her foreleg bent beneath her, her left forepaw crushed by her own weight.  Pushing with her free forepaw at the plastic bag, into which  she’d

been shovelled into soon after her arrival into the world, Arki took as deeper breath as she could without getting a nose full of plastic.

 Then she kicked furiously with her hind paws, scrabbling with her toes for purchase so she could turn herself over onto her back and release the pressure

on her left forepaw.  Her hind paws felt plastic, and then the wall of the prison she’d been put into.  She hated the feel of the plastic against the pads

of her paws.  Arki had tried gripping some of the plastic with the toes of her hind paws, so she might turn onto her back, but it always slipped from her

grasp.  The plastic felt slippery against her pads and she was sure it would soon drive her crazy!  The polar bear sank into troubled sleep, only to have

nightmares of being shut into her prison, and then a horrid shrieking noise, which she knew to be the sound of the tape holding her prison shut being ripped

off the roll.  Waking suddenly, Arki found herself in her plastic bag, witch still irritated the pads of her paws.  Utterly miserable,

she lay and waited for something to happen.  For a long long time, nothing did.  Arki lay in her box, and wondered what on earth was going

to happen to her.  Would she be in the box for a long time?  She’d heard from some of the other animals with whom she’d briefly spoken, that sometimes

it was months before an animal was released.


One day, the box Arki was in was lifted and suddenly everything turned upside down!  Crashing onto her back, Arki tried to brace

her paws against something, but everything was spinning!  When things came to rest, the bear found herself lying on her side.  Her paws were still cramped,

and she still felt the plastic bag against her nose.  Fear consuming her, she lay and sobbed pitifully, her face and forepaws soon drenched with tears.


A terrible rumbling sound brought Arki back from an uncomfortable sleep.  The rumbling continued, and then stopped.  The box she’d been

living in since she could remember was picked up and Arki buried her face in her forepaws, fearful of what would happen to her next. losing

all hope of a peaceful life, she lay limply in the box, playing dead.  The box was slit open, and she felt the bags being removed from around her.  The

place she was in was warm, and she felt herself placed on a soft flooring.  terrified beyond anything she’d experienced before, Arki curled herself into

a heap on the floor, tucking in her hind paws and protecting her face with her fore, closing her eyes for good measure.


Isaac had seen the newest arrival being laid gently on the carpet.  He’d also recognised it as a polar bear, a frightened, female polar bear at that, and

one his own size.  Isaac couldn’t remember the method of his arrival at the place he now called home, so didn’t know what the polar bear was so

upset about.  Crawling over to the shivering heap of white fur, Isaac saw Arki was covering her face with her forepaws, and what big paws

they were too!  Isaac touched one of the huge paws with his, and the female bear flinched.


      “Just get it over with!”  She yelled, “kill me if that’s what you want!”  Shocked and upset, Isaac replied that:


      “I don’t want to hurt you, I want to help you.  I’m friendly!”  Arki opened her eyes and looked through the gaps between the toes

of one forepaw at whomever had spoken to her.  She saw another polar bear, as large as she was, and he was smiling at her!  Isaac gently took hold of each

of the female polar bear’s forepaws and brought each down to the carpet, and soon he could see her face.  Arki hadn’t resisted at all,

she was too scared.  Terrified eyes stared back at him from a tear streaked face.


       “You’re safe now,”  Isaac said gently.  The female bear looked at him.


      “Aren’t you going to say something?”  Isaac asked.


      “What can I say,”  the newcomer replied, “I’ve been through hell, and now I don’t know where I am, or What’s going to happen to me!”  Isaac hugged

the female polar bear, and she didn’t complain.


      “Noone will hurt you here,”  he said.  Then Arki felt a strong paw take hold of hers and begin to stroke it.  The paw was soft and

warm, and very gentle.  She began to look the huge male polar bear over from his nose to his tail.  She thought that if he would protect her, she’d like

life, and that maybe she didn’t want to end it all.

     “What’s your name?”  Isaac asked.

      “My name’s Arki,”  the female polar bear replied, “What’s yours?

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