Life choices.



Sam calmed down gradually, feeling returning to his body as the affects of the attack on his nose wore off.  Arki spent the time stroking Sam from nose to tail, trying to work out her own feelings towards him looking after her cub.  Arki didn’t mind Sam looking after the cub, in fact she quite enjoyed sharing the responsibility with him.  Isaac never took charge of the cub, even though he was free to do so at any time.  Arki knew it was she who’d wanted a cub, Isaac hadn’t really been fussed either way.  If he’d not cared much whether he had a cub or not, why then did Isaac attack Sam?  Arki realised suddenly that the cub had nothing to do with it.  Isaac was scared that Arki would find Sam attractive and leave him for the younger male polar bear.  Arki found to her surprise that she could quite easily leave Isaac.  Sam was attractive, from his nose to his paws.  Though she found Isaac attractive too.  What she found a real turn off was his violent streak.  Arki continued stroking Sam, reaching his hind paws.  Gently massaging his right hind paw, Arki thought about Isaac, did she really feel anything for him?  Arki felt Sam wiggle the toes of the paw she was stroking, which meant he had sensation in that paw.  Arki looked at her cub, who watched her stroking Sam.

       “don’t get me involved,”  the cub said, “I’m not the one who’s got to make the choice.  I’ve made my choice, I want to be with you and Sam.  Isaac’s not part of my life, and never has been.  When I go down to see him, he is always talking to a female polar bear, the one who sits on top of the television beside Conker.  She’s an attractive polar bear, if what I’ve heard is to be believed, Isaac for one doesn’t hide his admiration for her in any way.  I don’t know what her mate would think if he knew, though he’s in the boss’s study all the time, reading books and doing other boring things like that.”  Arki was shocked to hear this from her cub.

      “This female polar bear, describe her to me!”  Arki snapped.

       “She sits quietly on top of that box on top of the television.  She’s a very well proportioned bear.  I wouldn’t call her that huggable though, she looks as if she could go through life without regular hugs, being a very independent sort.  I once saw Isaac stroking her paws, and she seemed to be enjoying his attention.”  Arki was furious!

      “If Isaac can make advances towards her, then I can go with whomever I wish!  I might not look as good as she does, nor be as secure as she is, but I have a cub and someone to help me look after that cub!  I will not be thrown on the scrapheap by a male polar bear who begged for a mate, then when he didn’t like what he saw, ran off with another female polar bear!  Isaac is a disgrace!  I hate him!”


Sam listened to Arki’s tirade.  He’d seen the polar bear whom Isaac had made friends with, and she was beautiful, but to his mind, Arki had what he wanted in a mate.  Sam wondered if Arki was open to advances.  Now that the furball was out of the way, having been transferred to the boss’s study, would he be safe to approach her?  Arki was very gentle, and seemed to like the same things he did.  They lived in the same area of the house, and they had one unbreakable connection, the cub whom they both loved dearly.  Arki finished massaging Sam’s paw, something he was obviously enjoying, and looked into his face.  Sam smiled at her.

      “You do a wonderful paw massage Arki,”  he said.  Arki grinned:

        “I haven’t had my paws massaged in ages,”  she said.  Sam took hold of Arki’s right forepaw in both of his and began to stroke it.  Arki closed her eyes and basked in the sensations her paw was feeding to her brain.  Sam continued to massage Arki’s paw until she was asleep.  Sam gazed into Arki’s face, wishing she would consent to be his mate.


Meanwhile, Isaac and his new-found mate cuddled together on the sofa.  Isaac nuzzling her ear and rubbing the pads of her paws.  He’d forgotten about Arki, but was still furious about Sam snatching the cub away from him.  Even so, maybe he would have cubs with his new-found mate.  As far as Isaac was concerned, Sam could have Arki.  She was a clumsy neurotic heap of fur.  He’d loved her once, but not any more.  Sam was welcome to her.  Isaac told foster to go upstairs and deliver a message to Arki.

     “Tell her she can do what she wants with Sam,”  Isaac said to the raccoon, who was devastated by the news he had to impart, “tell her she’s a horrid furball and that I don’t know what I saw in her.  Tell her I still think of her cub as mine, and not Sam’s.  Tell her the cub is in danger  if she doesn’t agree to live with me and leave Arki and Sam to their own lives.”  Foster was dreadfully upset by Isaac’s words.

       “You can’t tell Arki that!”  He protested.

      “You’re just the messenger, do as you are told!”  Isaac snapped.

      “No, no I won’t!”  Foster replied, turning his back on |Isaac.

      “If you don’t do what I say, I will tear your tail off!”  Isaac screamed.

      “Isaac,”  Clarence said, “you harm that cub, I will break your neck!”

        “I’d like to see you try!”  Isaac challenged.  Clarence leapt upon Isaac, knocking his mate to the floor!

      “Okay you two!  Stop it now!”  Matilda commanded.  Clarence already had his forepaws around Isaac’s neck and was about to strangle him!

        “Stop it!”  Matilda screamed, “Clarence, stop it now!”  Clarence left Isaac alone.

      “Now you see what I can do,”  the lion said, “I won’t hesitate to carry out my threat if you so much as think of hurting Arki, her cub, or Sam!”  foster fled upstairs to tell Arki and Sam of the danger they and their cub were in.


Tigger, on hearing the raccoon’s message, promised to watch out for the three polar bears.  Amber too vowed she’d never let Isaac get close to them.


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