Arki an Kodiak grow close.



Arki shook and trembled in Kodiak’s paws as she tried not to watch Sam returning dejectedly to his place.  Shaking from ears to paws, Arki kept her eyes on Kodiak’s, determined not to make eye contact with Sam.

      “Hold me tight Kodiak!  Please, don’t let me go!”  Arki pleaded.  Kodiak took a firm hold of Arki with his paws, curling his toes into her thick warm fur, something which wasn’t at all unpleasant.  Arki’s fur warmed Kodiak’s pads, an he revelled in her proximity to him, trying not to make it too obvious to anyone else other than Arki herself.  Arki snuggled into Kodiak’s embrace, burying her face in his shoulder.  Breathing deeply, she tried to relax.

      “Relax those paws Arki,”  Kodiak encouraged, “start with your left hind paw, uncurl those toes and relax your paw, that’s it, gently does it.”  Arki felt her whole body aching with tension.  Her paws throbbing painfully, Arki felt dreadful.

      “Relax those paws Arki,”  Kodiak repeated.  Arki made a huge effort to relax her paws, but they wouldn’t obey her!

      “I can’t!”  Arki whimpered.  Kodiak began to stroke Arki’s paws, one by one, Arki too exhausted and frightened to enjoy the experience much.  Even so, the massage had its affect, and Arki felt better after Kodiak had rubbed the pads of all four paws twice over.  Settling down finally, Arki took Kodiak’s left forepaw in both of hers.

      “Thank you Kodiak,”  she whispered.  Kodiak smiled, tenderly nuzzling Arki’s ear.  Arki smiled with genuine pleasure.

      “I love that,”  she said, “Kodiak, your paws and fur are so soft and warm, and you’re so very gentle!”  Kodiak smiled at Arki and touched her nose with his forepaw.

       “You are beautiful yourself Arki,”  he replied, “now, shall we play?”  Arki grinned:

      “Stroking each other as well as stroking and tickling each other’s paws?”  she asked hopefully.

     “Yes,”  Kodiak replied.  Arki smiled and held both of Kodiak’s forepaws in hers.

      “Warm, soft, strokable, gentle paws you have Kodiak,”  Arki said.

     “Yours are soft, warm and gentle too Arki,”  Kodiak replied.


Brunetta watched Arki and Kodiak as they settled down together, realising they were bonding fast.  Arki, though she dared not put her feelings into words, , was rapidly falling in love with Kodiak.  She loved him from his ears to the pads of all four paws.


Arki, lying on the quilt beside Kodiak, began to stroke his left forepaw.  Kodiak enveloped her paw in his, the soft fur and pads of his paw stroking Arki’s.  Arki smiled as she felt Kodiak’s paw holding hers.

       “Please don’t tickle my paws Kodiak, not yet,”  Arki pleaded,  “let’s just stay here, like this.”  Kodiak smiled.

     “I’m up for that Arki dear,”  he said.



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