Are you all sitting comfortably?                        



Whitie struggled to her paws and limped out of the pool complex, Shuang doing her best to quite literally support her.  fleur saw now how badly beaten up Whitie was.  Blanche had gone for her in a big way.  Blanche had obviously trampled on Whitie’s paws, for those were what she used to express herself.  Blanche had also bruised Whitie’s face and possibly cracked a rib or two.


Meanwhile, Snowy was following Whitie’s painful progress on the main cameras.  She could see Whitie’s pain written in her movements and in her face.  Snowy made a point of zooming in on Whitie, tracking her agonised expression, stiff movement and stumbling paws, Anger at what she’d seen Blanche doing to the little cub making snowy go to town on making the video to show the community what Blanche had done.  Snowy was planning still shots, as well as planning her evidential video.  She knew what shots she wanted freeze framed, and one such shot presented itself as she watched.  Whitie’s face was turned full on to  the camera, and the look of pained devastation in the snow leopard’s eyes nearly moved Snowy to tears.  She glanced up at the time stamp in the corner of her screen and mentioned it to Tigger, who banged away at a keyboard specially made for huge paws to type on.  Tigger was making notes as Snowy worked her machines.  The video ended as Whitie and her party walked out of sight of the camera.  Snowy knew she could chop and change things, while not altering the evidence.  She was going to make the video to blast Blanche out of the water once and for all!  Snowy didn’t know if making a video would solve anything, maybe, just maybe showing the CCTV images would show what happened adequately, but snowy had seen the fight, had seen Blanche clawing and slapping at Whitie, had heard Whitie’s pleas for her to stop walloping her, and had seen Shuang fighting for her friend.  A tiny panda cub against the strength of a mature snow leopard.  Snowy was angry, upset and full of the lust for revenge.  She hated the thought she was building a case against one of the cubs she’d nurtured for so long, but then snowy thought of how Blanche had forfeited the right to be protected by attacking her sister.  Now Snowy, with all her knowledge, was going to break Blanche in as bigger way as the cub had done to Whitie.


Within an hour, for Snowy had saved the footage she wanted in a separate file from the main CCTV files, the tigers had all the damming evidence arranged and dumped to DVD.  Snowy hoped, as she watched the counter on the DVD burner counting down to the end of the task, that she’d not have to make such a distressing movie again.  She knew that she would have to let the community see the original CCTV capture to authenticate the footage on the DVD, but once that was established, then that was Blanche busted.  Tigger heard the whirring of the DVD writer and, padding over, waited for it to finish, before taking the disc out of the tray and shredding it.  Snowy, shocked at his actions, just stared at him.

     “What the hell are you playing at!”  She demanded.

     “Snowy, dear Snowy,”  Tigger said, “we don’t need to burn things to DVD any more.  The television in the house is linked to this place.  We can watch the video from there, as long as one of us is up here, though, come to think of it, a backup of the finished article wouldn’t have gone amiss.”  Tigger laid a paw miserably on the shredder through which he’d just pushed the DVD.

    “Um, I’ve just shredded a perfectly good back up copy.”  Snowy laughed, she couldn’t help herself.

      “You silly old bugger,”  she mewed, hugging Tigger, a hug which he found very pleasurable.  Another DVD of the finished movie was burnt, and Snowy backed up the movie into the archive.  She then created another directory with the process of work in it, detailing what she’d done from taking the original footage from the CCTV camera, to editing it, and making the final presentation.  This was an essential trail of evidence which the community would see during the viewing which would bring Blanche down.  Snowy backed everything up, and created short cuts on her pc to everything she needed, throwing it all into one directory which she password and paw print protected.  Noone was getting into that directory.  Snowy finished her work by executing a clean all command, which scrubbed all evidence of her activity on the pc, all trails to her recent online and editing activity were erased, so noone could prove where she’d been, or what she’d done on the pc.  Only she knew where the directory was, and only she, due to the paw print, could access its damming contents.  The DVD backup was kept in a locked place, in case the computers failed.  If the security system went down, the complex could be opened by keys, the whereabouts of which were only known to a few, the boss and Snowy being two such.  Tigger padded over to the sideboard and operated the coffee machine with practised ease.  He knew how snowy took her coffee, and made her a stiff one.  Grateful to him, snowy drank the brew when it was still hot, feeling the burn as it scorched its way into her system.

     “Now,”  Snowy said, “let us go and nail Blanche for good.”


The two tigers padded down the corridor, Tigger locking each door as they went through.  Snowy and Tigger made their way to the main house, then through to the main living room.  There they found fleur tending to Whitie’s bruises and crushed paws, the snow leopard cub trying not to cry with pain.

      “I’ve nailed Blanche Whitie,”  snowy whispered to her cub, Whitie hardly noticing her.  snowy then realised how much pain her poor cub was really in.

       “I can’t stand to see this,”  snowy thought, “Whitie, my dear, poor, sweet cub.”  Blanche was nowhere to be seen, but that didn’t surprise Snowy, for the snow leopard knew that if her foster mother got hold of her, she’d be torn apart in seconds.

       “You look murderous snowy,”  Leo mewed.

       “You don’t know what I’ve seen!”  snowy mewed, almost weeping, “but you soon will, oh yes, you soon will see!”  Leo realised Snowy was dreadfully upset.

     “What happened to Whitie?”  he asked her.

     “No Leo, not now,”  Snowy said, “you will see soon enough.”


Leo had to be content with that, though he could see Whitie was dreadfully knocked about.

     “Okay,”  snowy said, “you will learn something today, something about one of our most dearly loved community members.  I want everyone in here by five pm this evening.  Then I will show you the video of Blanche’s crimes.  She forgot about the CCTV, and now she’s going to pay for what she did to Whitie.”

      “CCTV?”  Leo asked, “where do we have that here?”

      “In the main pool complex,”  snowy replied, “Leo, you were on camera all the time you were in there, all the episode with Simba was caught on camera, as was what happened to him in the end.  Now, now you will see, and hear the power of this new technology.  I won’t be here tonight, for I will be in the control room with Fleur and Tigger as we show you what Blanche did.  We will show you evidence of how we made the presentation, and of course the finished article.  You will see everything!”


Leo was greatly disturbed.

       “You say, say that you can prove Blanche assaulted Whitie?”  He asked, “how is this?”

       “Cameras Leo,”  Fleur replied.  Leo looked uneasy.

      “You’re telling me that, that you’re spying on people now?”

      “Um, no, not quite,”  Snowy mewed, “there are signs up telling you you’re on camera.”


The clock chimed four pm, and fleur glanced at Snowy.

     “Only an hour to go before we show them the video,”  she said.  Snowy touched her paw.

     “Everything will be okay,”  the snow tigress replied.


Blanche walked into the room, scented her sister, spat at her, then walked off.

      “Lovely that is!”  Salty snapped, “it’s disgusting behaviour!”  Fleur’s paws were becoming damp, Snowy could feel it as she held the cub’s paw.

      “You’re more nervous than an expectant mother Fleur,”  Snowy said.  Fleur chewed her tongue to work saliva into her mouth.

      “I, I’m scared Snowy,”  Fleur said, sounding like the cub which in reality she still was.

       “We’ll get her good and proper,”  snowy mewed, “I will promise that.”  Fleur felt the pads of her paws getting damp, and she tried to control her rising panic.

       “I saw only a little of what Blanche did to Whitie,”  fleur sobbed, “it looked dreadful, and I want her stopped!  But, but, well, I don’t know if they’ll believe us Snowy!”  Snowy gently squeezed Fleur’s paw, feeling how anxious she was.


Shuang crawled up to Fleur and wrapped her tiny paws round her.  Fleur, close to tears, wept into the cub’s fur.  fleur had seen too much of Blanche’s violence, and wondered if Snowy’s movie was going to be enough to convict Blanche of her crimes.  Fleur had also treated Whitie’s injuries, and knew how much pain the poor snow leopard cub was in.  Shuang stroked Fleur’s paws, the cross bred cub almost choking on her tears.

      “Blanche will be stopped by your video,”  Shuang said to Fleur, hugging the cross bred cub as best she could.  Fleur took a deep breath, struggling to control her emotions.

       “ Thank you Shuang,”  she sniffed.  Snowy looked at the clock.  It was now five to five and she knew she’d have to get up to the control room soon.  Touching Fleur’s paw, snowy indicated to her they should be leaving.  Fleur embraced Shuang tightly one last time, and then released her.  Fleur padded away with snowy, her paws feeling as heavy as lead.


Reaching the door of the swimming pool, they met Jespah, who, when he saw her,  ran to Fleur and hugged her.

      “Good luck fleur,”  Jespah mewed, Fleur’s mood lightening as the male lion cub’s paws embraced her.  fleur returned Jespah’s hug, her huge paws holding the lion cub tightly.


Fleur placed her paw flat on the paw print reader and there was a click as the electronic door opened.  Pushing through, fleur and Snowy left  Jespah watching them go.  At the last moment, Jespah pushed through the door, snowy rounding on him!

     “What are you doing!”  she yelled.

    “I need, um, want to be with Fleur!”  Jespah mewed.

      “Not now you lovesick cub,”  snowy snapped, “go back to the main living room and view the movie with the rest of the community!”  Jespah’s eyes screamed at Snowy, and when Jespah saw fleur had stopped, and half turned to him, one forepaw slightly raised from the ground, he nearly cried.  She looked so beautiful, that he wanted to take her in his paws and embrace her until the world ended.

      “let him come with us Snowy,”  fleur said, Jespah won’t divulge where the control room is.  He’s quite safe on that one.”  Snowy stared at Fleur.

      “You two are cubs!”  She yelled, sounding like Elsa, “you shouldn’t be doing this!”  Fleur ran to Jespah and hugged him in both paws.  Snowy looked away, furious with them.

      “Don’t be angry at them Snowy,”  Elsa said.  Snowy looked up into the camera.

     “Who’s up there with you?”  she asked.

       “Theo and Tigger,”  Elsa replied, “Theo’s paw was scanned into the system when he became leader.  I’ve viewed the movie, so’s Theo, and Blanche is nailed.  We’ve broadcast the movie to the house while you and those cubs have been downstairs.  It’s only about ten minutes long all in.

     “the movie was pass words and paw protected!”  Snowy yelled.

     “Theo’s got a master key, or should it be a master paw,”  Elsa replied.  Snowy screamed and stamped her paws!

     “What about the passwords!”  She screamed.

       “Two animals have to use their paws to override the system,”  Theo said, “I have one of those paws, and Petra has the other.

      “It’s not fair!”  Snowy yelled.

     “Why not?”  Petra asked.

     “You’re a bloody cub!”  snowy yelled, “how the hell can you be responsible for so much security!”

      “Fleur’s responsible for the pool, and you don’t talk about her being a cub,”  Petra said.

     “Why usurp my authority though?”  Snowy asked.

       “We didn’t know you’d made this movie,”  Theo said, I was showing Elsa the control room when salty rang up to tell us that all the animals were ready for the movie.  I asked what movie and he told me, so we searched for it on the computer, and overrode your password and paw protection to air the movie on time.”  Snowy realised she’d been longer admonishing the cubs than she’d first thought.  Snowy went up to the control room, Theo meeting her by the lift.


Realising snowy was distracted, Jespah and Fleur escaped and Fled to a place where Fleur had said there were soft rugs and a warm heater.  Finding these in one of the administration rooms, they curled up together.


Elsa watched them on the monitor, tracking them to the room, and inside it too, watching them curl up together.

      “Two gorgeous cubs,”  Elsa purred.  Theo smiled:

     “Two cubs very much in love with each other I think,”  he mewed.  Elsa grinned as she watched Fleur and Jespah wave to them, fleur knew she was on camera.  Even so, they were still affectionate towards each other, touching noses, holding each other’s paws, massaging and tickling each other’s paws and bellies, all this cub stuff, but Elsa could see there was more to it than just cubbish play.  These two knew their mind, and they were deeply in love with each other. 


Meanwhile, back in the main house, the movie shown by Elsa and Theo had shocked most of the animals so much they’d stood in silence for five seconds, then pounced on blanch!  Pinned under Leo’s heavy body, with other animals holding her down, Blanch felt kicks and punches raining in on her.  The animals were furious with her for what she’d done to Whitie!  When the enraged animals left off, Blanche was badly bruised and  beaten, her paws crushed.  She felt dreadful, and knew the others didn’t care one bit for how she felt.


Whitie, hearing the commotion from where she lay curled and shaking in another room, wished she could just walk away.  She hated her sister, hated the way she’d set upon her for liking Fleur.  Whitie closed her eyes, longing for Fleur’s soft, warm paws to embrace her.  Whitie crawled out of the room she was lying in and made her way slowly to the main pool complex.  Finding the door locked, she banged on it with the flat of one paw.


Snowy, fleur and Jespah, watching the garden from the control room, saw Whitie banging on the door.  Snowy pressed a button which opened the door, and the snow leopard cub padded in, the door closing behind her.  Now the cub was inside the building, Snowy could talk to Whitie.

      “Hello Whitie my dear,”  Snowy purred.  Whitie looked miserable on the screen.

      “I want a hug,”  the poor cub mewed.  Fleur volunteered to go to Whitie, and Jespah asked if he could tag along, just as fleur knew he would.

      “She’d love you to, and so would I,”  Fleur mewed.  So the two cubs went down in the lift and found Whitie, fleur almost scooping the tiny snow leopard cub up in her paws while she hugged her.  Whitie snuggled into Fleur’s hug, the huge cross bred cub using her paws and thick fur as a warm comforter for Whitie.

      “Hold me Fleur!”  Whitie wept.  Fleur did as Whitie asked, enveloping her in a huge fleur sized hug.  Fleur was huge now, and her paws were enormous!  She nuzzled Whitie’s fur, stroking her with her huge paws.  Whitie loved fleur so much, the huge cub had been very kind to her from the first time they’d met when fleur was newborn.  It was fleur who’d listened to Whitie when the snow leopard cub felt upset about something or other, it was Fleur who stroked and tickled Whitie’s paws in play, Whitie returning her gesture with as much enthusiasm as she’d felt from the cross bred cub.  Whitie loved Fleur, not only for her nature and playfulness, but for what she was, a huge, fat, huggable cub with huge paws, thick fur and a long very mobile tail.  Whitie loved nothing more than when fleur wrapped her tail round her and tickled her paws with the tip.  Whitie returned Fleur’s hug, stroking her fur and paws.  Fleur loved all this, for she could feel Whitie’s true intentions, and they were good ones.


Whitie and Fleur embraced each other tightly, the female snow leopard cub holding Fleur as tightly as she could in her tiny paws. 


Fleur purred deeply, Whitie sniffing slightly, tears not to far away.  Fleur took Whitie’s paw and guided her into the spar pool, where she began to stroke the snow leopard cub from her nose to the end of her tail.  Whitie snuggled up to Fleur as the huge cub massaged her.  fleur worked on Whitie with her huge paws, the snow leopard cub purring contentedly. Once the massage was over, Fleur guided Whitie out of the water and Jespah towelled her dry, working with gentle care over Whitie’s entire body, from her nose, to the tips of the toes of all four of her tiny paws.  Jespah forgot nothing, even drying between Whitie’s toes and pads as Theo had taught him to.  Whitie, now very warm, mewed to and purred at Jespah.  Snowy watched Whitie and Jespah, smiling to herself as she watched the lion cub towelling off the snow leopard cub.

      “you’re so gentle Jespah,”  Whitie mewed.  Jespah smiled and stroked her right forepaw, feeling her thickly furred pads against his lesser furred ones.

      “You are beautiful Whitie,”  Jespah mewed.  Whitie embraced him in both paws, Jespah snuggling up to her.  Fleur watched, smiling broadly as she saw the two cubs embrace each other.

     “I want a hug too!”  she mewed.  Whitie and Jespah got to their paws and padded over to Fleur, embracing her with their paws.  Fleur purred at the two cubs, touching their noses with hers and touching their paws with her paws.  Nuzzling and touching of paws with paws, noses with noses ensued, the three cubs bonding.


Snowy grabbed the lever with one paw and moved the camera onto the cubs, zooming in on them.

     “They’re lovely aren’t they,”  she said, Theo and Elsa smiling as they watched their cubs.


Meanwhile, blanche, having been thrown into the concrete shed, lay freezing and miserable on the concrete floor.  She hated Fleur, and by extension anyone who associated with her, which included her sister Whitie.  Blanche could imagine Whitie playing with fleur, and the thought made her sick.  The thought of the dirty brown cub stroking her sister’s paws made Blanche want to vomit.  She hated fleur so very much!  Blanche had never seen Fleur, but from the tales told of her by Amber, blanche knew she hated the cross bred cub.  Fleur seemed not to be able to put a paw wrong in the eyes of the other animals, she was always helping out, always there for animals in distress, always ready to play and be played with by other cubs, and adults sometimes too.  Blanche hated the thought of Fleur’s huge paws touching hers.


Fleur suddenly felt someone thinking about her, knowing the thoughts were unpleasant ones, she hesitated to investigate further, but somehow knew she must.  Patting Whitie’s and Jespah’s paws one last time, she ran off in the direction of the outside world, leaving Whitie in Jespah’s care, telling him to take her up to the control room, and tell Snowy she’d given her permission to be there.  Of course Elsa, Snowy and Theo saw and heard everything, and readily admitted Whitie into the control room.


Fleur made her way to the concrete prison, Opening the door and walking in.  She saw Blanche lying on the concrete, her eyes closed, and vibes worse than ever.  Fleur knew she’d win in an outright scrap, so she wasn’t concerned.

      “Blanche?”  Fleur asked.  Blanche spat at her!

     “What are you doing here!”  The snow leopard cub snapped, “I hate you!”

     “Maybe you hate what you’ve heard about me,”  Fleur replied, “Amber can lie you know, she’s not an angel herself.”  Blanche curled into the corner of the shed, mewing pitifully, telling Fleur not to touch her.

      “You really don’t know what you’re missing,”  Petra said, padding up to fleur and resting her paw on the cross bred cub’s.  fleur purred and hugged Petra tightly, Petra purring as she felt Fleur’s paws embrace her.  Blanche heard the purring of two cubs, and her inbred need for warmth and security welled in her, bringing tears to her eyes.

      “You need to apologise to Fleur and Whitie for what you have done to them, and mean it too Blanche,”  Petra said, reading the snow leopard cub’s thoughts.

      “I don’t know if I can apologise to fleur and Whitie!”  Blanche mewed.


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