A polar bear causes problems.



The lynx cub whimpered pitifully as his mother dragged him back to their home.  Feeling hot, and still shaking with fear, the female lynx panted slightly as she dragged her cub, the cub crawling as fast as he could.  Reaching their home, the female lynx dropped her cub’s paw, and flopped down on the soft cushion they slept on.

      “How dare you ever, ever! Run off without telling me!”  She screamed.  Her cub, now recovering from being dragged, Mewed that he was with Clarence the whole time.

      “Clarence, while being a gentle lion, is to be treated with respect!  You can’t just go up to him and demand he hug you!  I’ll bet that’s what you did wasn’t it!”  The Adult lynx yelled.  The cub replied that he had touched Clarence’s forepaw, and the lion had embraced him.

      “I’ll bet you even tickled that dam lion’s paws!”  The female lynx yelled, “I saw you and Whitie playing, and you thought the lions liked having their paws tickled too I’ll bet.”

     “No mum no!”  the cub mewed, “I never tickled Clarence’s paws!”

      “You’re welcome to though if you want to little one,”  Clarence said.  The lynx cub’s mother spat at the lion in disgust.

       “I don’t want my cub associating with lions!”  She screeched, “that was why we didn’t give our names to Elsa, for the silly lioness would have probably stolen my cub!  I want nothing to do with you lions!”

        “Oh well,”  Clarence said, “you can’t please everyone.”  but he was very upset by the adult lynx’s dismissal of him and his kind.

       “I dare you to tickle Clarence’s paws,”  Tarker said to the lynx cub.

      “I wonder if he’ll eat the little bleeder,”  one of the capybara said.

       “I’m hoping he does,”  Tarker replied, “that way we can get rid of the snivelling wretch and then there’s only three to go.”  Candy snorted with disgust.

      “You two are horrible!”  She yelled.

      “And what you gonna do about me, ay?  Come on candy, fight me!”  Tarker challenged.

       “That’s quite enough!”  Winifred snapped, “you will not fight candy Tarker, and you will stop bullying the lynx cub!  I know why you do it, and your reasons are horrible!”

     “So you’re no longer denying the fact your cub hates the blind cubs then,”  Tinka said.

      “No,”  Winifred replied, “I don’t deny it now, I tried, but now it’s just too much!”  Kalahari took the opportunity to kick Tarker, something he’d wanted to do for a long time.  Tarker tumbled off the shelf he was on and landed with a yell of pain on the carpet.  Ben, Tolstuka’s brother, looked down at the stunned otter cub.

       “You really have torn it this time haven’t you,”  he said.  Tarker spat at the polar bear.

      “Hang on,”  Ben said, “We’re of one mind you and I, and you go and spit at me?”  Candy turned on Ben.

      “You horrid creature!  She screamed, “you believe that the lynx cub, Whitie, blanche and Tembi should be killed?”

      “yeah,”  Ben replied, “they’re useless, worthless individuals, who can’t contribute anything to our community.”  Candy looked into the older cub’s eyes.  Ben stared straight back at her, deadly serious.

      “I’m with Stifftail on this one,”  Ben said, “Whitie and Blanche should have been killed at birth.”  Candy bristled with anger, Ben continued:

      “Tembi should have been left to die where she collapsed before she was brought in here, and as for you Candy, I don’t know why Amber rescued you.  Now you’ve got that silly polar bear called Sam looking after you, who is so weak and soft, that he couldn’t fight a fly!  Amber should have left you to  die in the forest!”

       “what about you!”  Candy yelled.

      “I’m a proper polar bear,”  Ben replied, “I am a polar bear worth my place!  You, and your foster mother, and her lover, and Isaac, and Whitie, and Blanche, and the lynx cub, and Elsa, and Tembi, and Bruin, and Brunetta, and Amber are just soft!  You lot couldn’t hold a candle to any of us display animals!  You lot are just silly furballs!”  Tarker applauded Ben’s speech. Candy knew she and all those others whom Ben had named were vulnerable creatures.  Ben was condemning everyone at once, all Candy’s friends, and worst of all, he was condemning her foster mother.  Arki might not be the fastest off the mark, but she made up for it in many ways.  Candy banged her paw down in impotent anger.

       “You are ridiculing over half the household!”  She yelled.

      “Everyone who’s not a display animal, yup,”  Ben replied.

     “So all the cuddly and soft animals, all those who like a hug, are in your view no use to the community?”  Candy asked.

     “Yup,”  Ben replied, “including Tigger and Clarence, Tinka’s cubs, Sunbeam’s cub’s are all right, and so’s she and her mate, but the rest of you, including snowy half tail, can walk out the door and I’ll not miss any of you!”

      “But that’s a horrible thing to say!”  Candy wailed.

        “It’s what’s in  my mind you disgusting cub!”  Ben yelled, swiping at Candy!  His paw caught her on her nose, bringing tears to her eyes.

      “Stop crying, or I will give you something to cry about!”  Ben yelled.  Clarence had heard enough!  Leaping off the sofa, he grabbed Ben in both forepaws and pinned the startled polar bear on the floor.

      “I’ll eat you for dinner!”  Clarence snarled.

      “You will do no such thing!”  Elsa screeched, coming closer after talking to Hop along.  Clarence was furious!

       “Did you hear what this jumped up cub said?”  Clarence asked Elsa, pointing at Ben with a trembling paw, “he condemned us all!  Including you!  He said we were worthless creatures!”

      “I don’t like that,”  Elsa replied, having had a long chat with Tembi about Snowy half tail,  “We are not useless creatures!  We get about more than do you so called display animals, we enjoy a hug, you don’t, we can be stroked, you often don’t like it, we are more mobile than you are.  We so called useless creatures, are not so useless after all!”  Clarence, getting more and more upset, finally lost his temper, walloping Ben with all his force!  The polar bear shrieked with pain and curled into a frightened heap.

       “As for you Tarker,”  Tigger yelled, barrelling in from the hallway, “You won’t last five minutes if I get my paws on you!  You do not insult the cubs, you do not insult Arki, Brunetta, snowy or Amber!  You leave their cubs alone too!  In fact, you would do well to leave everyone alone!”  Turning to Ben, Tigger screamed:

      “You are a horrible, vindictive animal Ben!  Now shut up before Clarence and I tear your stuffing out!”  Ben spat at Tigger!

      “Right, now you qualify for retribution!”  Clarence roared, “This option does not come with a cute gift or nice fluffy bunny!”  Carol couldn’t help laughing at the lion, who was deadly serious, although his speech brought smiles to the faces of some of the animals.  Ben spat at Clarence, the lion losing his temper and walloping the polar bear so hard he fell off the table he was standing on, landing on top of Tarker!  The otter screamed as the polar bear fell on top of him!

      “Get up, both of you!”  Clarence commanded, shying a paw at the two cubs.  Seeing the lion’s massive forepaws, Tarker began pleading for his life!

       “Oh Clarence, Clarence!”  The otter mewed, “please, don’t, don’t hurt me!”  Ben cuffed him hard!

       “Don’t plead for your life you wimp!”  the polar bear snarled, “that lion’s so soft he won’t hurt you, I know he won’t!”  Clarence suddenly picked Ben up and threw him across the room!  Ben screamed as he flew through the air and landed with a crash among the bottles of wine on the wine rack.  Ben crashed to the floor and lay there, dazed and confused.

       “You think I speak empty words?”  Clarence yelled, his voice reverberating off the walls, “you are a horrible creature Ben!  Tarker did well to plead for his life, but how sincere is he?  Let’s find out!”  Clarence grabbed hold of Tarker’s long tail in both forepaws, and, rearing onto his hind legs, swung the otter over his head!  Tarker screeched with fear and pain!

      “Don’t, don’t do it Clarence!  I beg you!”  Clarence then did something which Tigger thought impossible.  Clarence began to pivot on the toes of his hind paws!  Fascinated, Tigger watched Clarence, watching how the lion placed his hind paws.  Watching the lion’s hind paws, he saw Clarence standing on the tips of his toes as he pivoted, spinning the otter round by his tail!  Tarker screamed as Clarence spun faster and faster, exacting his revenge!

      “Let me go!”  Tarker pleaded.  He howled with terror as Clarence tossed him from paw to paw!

      “Don’t do that Clarence!”  Tigger pleaded, “you’ll drop him!”  Clarence dropped into the sofa, giving The otter a soft landing.  Tarker mewed pitifully, his head spinning.

      “I feel sick!”  he moaned.  Clarence growled at the otter, Tarker trying to crawl away.  Digging in his toes, Tarker fought to free his tail!  Clarence let Tarker go, and the otter crawled away.

       “I think he’s learned his lesson,”  Tigger said, “Now we’ll deal with Ben!”  Tigger crawled over to the prostrate polar bear.

       “You are the scum of the earth!”  Tigger yelled, “I hate you Ben!  You want to experience what Tarker did?  If you do, it will be worse for you, for both Clarence and I can stand on our hind paws, and we’ll play catch with you as the thing we are catching!”  Ben moaned pitifully.

      “Now you can see what we, as you say, soft, useless animals can do!  We are a team!  We care for each other!  You picked on the wrong people!  Now you would do well to think about what you have said!”  Tigger yelled.  Ben began to cry.

       “Think about it Ben,”  Lewis said, “you are public enemy number one!  You have successfully earned the disrespect of every animal in this house!”  Ben spat at the rabbit.

       “Now what do we do?”  Whitie asked.

      “What we do is banish Ben to the spare room and then get on with our lives.”  Candy replied.

     “that means having my paws tickled by a lynx cub!  Yippee!”  Clarence whooped.  The lynx cub grinned at the huge lion.

      “Let’s sort it then,”  Tigger suggested.




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