A lynx takes her life in her paws.



Clarence drifted in a dream, his paws warmed by the rug he’d acquired. 


Meanwhile, a little way off, the lynx cub wanted a hug from Clarence, having enjoyed it the last time the lion hugged him.  The cub had also felt the rug on which Clarence lay during Isaac’s examination of the paws of all the animals, and wanted more of the rug’s softness.  Making sure his mother knew where he was going, the cub crawled to Clarence’s side, feeling the warmth of the rug caressing the pads of all four paws.  Clarence’s body heat warmed the rug, and the rug radiated the heat out to where the lynx cub lay.  Clarence felt the cub sideling alongside him and opened one eye lazily to look at the cub.

      “Want a hug little’n?”  Clarence asked.  The lynx cub crawled towards Clarence’s forepaws, the lion taking the cub in both paws and embracing him tightly.  The lynx cub, startled at how warm he now was, snuggled into Clarence’s embrace.  Clarence smiled down at the tiny lynx cub.

      “Sweet dreams little one,”  Clarence said.  Clarence felt the cub bury his paws in his mane.  Purring with contentment, the lynx cub finally slept.  Clarence felt like sleeping also, but knew he must keep alert for signs that the lynx cub’s mother was getting upset about her cub spending more time away from her than was strictly necessary.  Clarence closed his eyes, and was drifting off, when he felt a paw touch his.  Opening his eyes, Clarence saw the adult female lynx looking nervously into his face, her paw on his.

      “I’m, so, so sorry, and scared,”  the lynx mewed, “Sorry for what I said about you in the past, and scared for my life.”

     “Nothing like candour,”  Clarence thought, but showed no reaction to the lynx’s words.

      “I was wondering, you see,”  the female lynx gabbled, “as my cub is so relaxed with you, if I could come a bit closer to you, and maybe, maybe then I would be relaxed too, in time, you see.”  The lynx’s paw was shaking now, in fact she shook from nose to tail.  Clarence gently laid the sleeping lynx cub on the rug beside him and then, as gently as he’d laid down her cub, embraced the cub’s mother with both forepaws.  Drawing her close, Clarence began to stroke the lynx’s back with one huge paw.  The female lynx bit her tongue to stop herself from crying out with fear.  Her pulse racing, and paws damp with the sweat of fear, the female lynx panted hard for air, her whole body telling her to run!  Fighting her instinct, the lynx dug in her toes, trying to concentrate on anything other than her fear.  Closing her eyes, she shook her head, trying to dispel the thought she was about to die!  Clarence felt the female lynx’s fear, and it upset him.

      “It’s okay, it’s okay, I promise,”  Clarence purred.  The female lynx opened her eyes and looked into Clarence’s face.  The lion’s eyes were gentle, his paws even more so.  The female lynx looked down at one of Clarence’s huge forepaws.  They were a lot larger than hers, if not so thickly furred.  Clarence saw the lynx looking down at his paw and he turned it over to show her the pads.  Flexing the toes of his paw and extending his claws, Clarence showed off his paw to the female lynx, the lynx drawing back in fear.

     “This paw isn’t going to harm you,”  Clarence said.  He hugged the female lynx as tightly as she would let him, the lynx relaxing as she felt the lion’s strong paws embracing her.

     “You and your cub are safe,”  Clarence purred.  The female lynx decided that if Clarence was going to kill her, he’d have done it by now, and that, as she was still alive, she would try to enjoy every moment.  Relaxing,  the lynx gave her paw to Clarence, feeling his paw envelope hers.

     “can I hug you Clarence?”  the female lynx asked, surprising herself.

     “You can,”  Clarence replied, “I love a hug, especially when I’m being hugged by someone with thick, warm fur.”  The lynx grinned and embraced Clarence.

      “Snatching my mate?”  Elsa asked, grinning at the female lynx, who screamed when she saw the lioness!

      “I’m sorry!”  the female lynx mewed, “I wasn’t stealing your mate!”  Elsa licked her ear.

      “Ellie,”  the lioness purred, “you’re okay with me until further notice.”  The female lynx flinched as she heard her name used.

     “I never told you my name!”  How did you know it?”

     “your cub told me,”  Elsa replied, “he’s a good cub Ellie, you should be proud of him.”  Ellie looked into Clarence’s face, the lion looking desperately at her.

     “Are you going to hug me Ellie?”  Clarence asked.  Ellie smiled and did her best to embrace Clarence, in the end, settling for stroking one of his huge forepaws.

      “You’ve got nice warm paws Ellie,”  Clarence purred.  The female lynx smiled, relaxing all four of her paws and beginning to enjoy herself.

     “Can I stroke your paws Ellie?”  Clarence asked.  For answer Ellie rolled onto her back and placed a furry forepaw into Clarence’s.

     “there are three more,”  she said.  Clarence smiled and began to stroke Ellie’s paw, the lynx closing her eyes and snuggling up to the huge lion.

    “One happy lynx,”  Elsa laughed.  Clarence smiled.



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