A lynx cub’s bid for freedom.



Seeing Elsa disappearing up the stairs to find Tembi, Clarence set to marshalling the rest of the cubs.  Having seen most of them back to their parents, all except Candy, Whitie and Blanche, who were able to stay away from Amber and Arki for as long as they wished on account of them being slightly older than the other cubs, Clarence settled down on the sofa.  Feeling a paw scrabbling at his, Clarence looked round to find the lynx cub scrabbling at one of his forepaws with his tiny one.  Clarence took the tiny cub in both paws and hugged him, the lynx cub snuggling into Clarence’s embrace.  Bruin watched Clarence and the tiny cub.

      “I’d watch it if I were you Clarence,”  the brown bear warned, “the cub’s mother might not like you hugging her cub.  She’s asleep at the moment, so you’d better make sure you send that cub back to his mother before she wakes, or you might be heading for a load of trouble.  Clarence, lost in his thoughts, hardly heard Bruin’s words.  The tiny lynx cub buried his paws in Clarence’s mane, the huge lion purring with contentment.  Stroking the cub’s back with one massive paw, Clarence gazed at the blind cub.  The lynx cub, feeling secure and warm, purred softly as his paws became warmer.  When Clarence began stroking him, the cub snuggled up to the huge lion and fell asleep.  Clarence was drifting off himself when a scream of terror woke him!

      “My cub!  Where is my cub!”  Clarence recognised the voice of the large female lynx.  Tumbling off the sofa, the adult lynx ran out of the room screaming!

       “If only she’d looked closer to home,”  the lynx cub mewed, “I’m here, safe and warm.”  Clarence grinned despite an urge to reprimand the cub for not telling his mother where he was going.  Screaming back into the lounge, the adult lynx skidded to a halt beside Tinka, begging her for help.  Tinka said she couldn’t be expected to have seen the cub leave, as she was watching the television, and she was incommunicado while she was watching 100%.  The large lynx said something unprintable about the television, banging the carpet with her paw in anguish.

      “Where is my cub!”  She yelled.  Clarence watched in astonishment as the lynx cub turned and felt round him with all four paws, his hind paw finding a bit of paper Clarence had secreted for later reading. Using both forepaws, the cub screwed the paper into a ball and, taking careful aim, threw it at the adult lynx!  Clarence was furious!  Not only had the cub thrown something at his mother, he’d also screwed up an old pizza menu Clarence had rescued from the table and was planning to read later!  Clarence forgot his own problems however, because the adult lynx had gone ballistic!  The ball of paper hitting her on the nose, the lynx turned round, snarling and spitting!  Screaming, she launched herself at Clarence!

      “how dare you throw paper at me!”  the lynx yelled.  Clarence fended her off with one huge paw, while her cub crawled out of range, hiding between Isaac and Bruin.  Clarence brought both forepaws into play, fending off the angry lynx.

      “It wasn’t me who threw the paper!”  Clarence pleaded, “it was your cub!”

     “My cub?”  the female lynx replied, “how can he throw a huge ball of paper like that?  He’s only small!”

       “Well he did!”  Clarence replied, “and that was my bedtime reading too!”  Spitting and snarling with renewed anger at her cub for one, not telling her where he was, and two, throwing the paper at her, the lynx caught hold of Clarence’s paw and he lifted her onto the sofa.  Stepping carefully over Bruin’s hind paws, the Female lynx found her cub with his face buried in his paws.

       “There you are!”  She yelled, walloping her cub.  The cub mewed pitifully for mercy, but his mother was furious!  Dragging her cub back to their home by one paw, she told him she’d punish him later!  The lynx cub’s taste of freedom hadn’t gone quite the way he’d planned.


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