A loving touch.


Arki looked at Kuan-Yin.  He was a handsome panda, and she knew his fur was soft and strokeable, as were his paws.  Arki touched Kuan-Yin’s nose with hers, then took his paw, curling her toes round his.  Kuan-Yin smiled with genuine pleasure as he felt Arki’s toes grip his.

      “This is lovely,” Kuan-Yin said.  Arki, being a tactile sort, embraced Kuan-Yin tightly, the panda responding with positive vibes, stroking her free paw and kissing her nose.  Arki rubbed Kuan-Yin down from his nose to the toes of his large fat paws.

     “This feels so wonderful, but so wrong too!”  Kuan-Yin said.

      “Enjoy it Kuan-Yin,” Yi Jie said, “for I know you are faithful to me, so just enjoy yourself as much as Arki is.”  Kuan-Yin pressed his paws into Arki’s as she worked on him, the panda enjoying the polar bear’s attention.  Kuan-Yin began to explore the sensations his body was feeding to his brain.  Everything was pleasurable, but the touch of Arki’s paws on the pads of his own paws was the best pleasure of all.  Arki’s paws were larger than Kuan-Yin’s, and enveloped his in a warm, soft embrace.  Kuan-Yin watched Arki through half closed eyes, the female polar bear’s paw massage making him drift pleasurably on the edge of sleep, though he knew that to fall asleep would be a crime.


Arki, having forgotten about Kodiak for the moment, and knowing her cub was well fed and safe in Fleur’s care, concentrated on massaging and stroking Kuan-Yin, the huge panda stretched full length in front of her.  Arki worked on Kuan-Yin with everything she had, stroking the panda’s belly, as well as the pads and toes of his large fat fore and hind paws.  Arki also examined him with her eyes, taking in everything from his black nose, to the brown patch of fur surrounding the pads on the soles of his paws.  Yi Jie watched this; glad another bear liked Kuan-Yin as much as she did.  When Arki had finished stroking Kuan-Yin, she turned her attention to Yi Jie and Shuang.

      “Do you two want to be stroked too?”  Arki asked.  Yi Jie was up for it, and so was her cub.  Arki glanced at Fleur, who was stroking Bramble’s paws and belly.  Fleur shook her head at Arki.

     “I know you like what you’re doing,” Fleur said, “but your responsibilities are here with your cub Arki.  I will carry on the paw massage for Yi Jie and Shuang.  Arki, furious with Fleur for telling her what to do crawled over and was about to lash out at her when the look in the cross bred cat’s eyes stopped her.

      “You know I’m right,” the eyes said, and Arki, thinking clearly, realised Fleur was correct, her duty was to look after her own cub.  Fleur crawled away, Yi Jie smiling at her and enveloping her in her paws.

     “So it’s you who have come to stroke our paws and work your magick on us,” Yi Jie said, nuzzling Fleur’s ear.  Fleur took Yi Jie’s fat left forepaw in both her own fat paws.  Yi Jie nuzzled Fleur’s paw, the cub laughing merrily.

      “You’re so sweet,” Fleur mewed.  Fleur examined Yi Jie’s paw with hers, stroking her pads and toes, the sow panda snuggling up to her.  Meanwhile, Kuan-Yin drifted in a dream, his paws still remembering Arki’s touch.  Shuang wanted some of what her mother had, and padded up to Fleur.

      “Wait your turn little one,” Kuan-Yin said.  Shuang turned to her sire and looked at him.

      “Would you stroke my paws?”  She asked.  Kuan-Yin smiled and, rolling onto his side, took Shuang in his paws and hugged her.  He then rubbed his cub down with his large paws from her nose to the pads on the soles of her tiny paws, Shuang loving every minute of her sire’s attention.


Meanwhile, Fleur and Yi Jie were stroking each other’s paws; the sow giant panda returning Fleur’s paw massage and rub down.  Yi Jie loved everything about Fleur, from her nose to the end of her long tail, from her ears to the soles of her fat, and well padded paws.  Fleur knew of Yi Jie’s love for her, and for her part, found the female panda most beautiful, and rubbing her down a real pleasure.  Fleur loved every animal in the place, whether they were an otter or a bear or whatever they may be.


Fleur and Yi Jie finished massaging each other and turned their attention to Kuan-Yin and Shuang, who’d fallen asleep.

     “Don’t Kuan-Yin and Shuang look peaceful,” Yi Jie remarked to Fleur.

      “Yeah, they do,” Fleur replied.  Shuang stirred, stretched and settled back to sleep, Kuan-Yin shifting slightly as he felt Shuang getting comfortable.


When they woke, Shuang stretched and got to her tiny paws.

      “That was a wonderful sleep,” she said.  Kuan-Yin hugged her tenderly.


Meanwhile, Kodiak sulked in a corner of the living room, being ignored by all.  He’d seen everything which had taken place, and hated the thought of his mate stroking Kuan-Yin.  His paws clenched with anger, Kodiak watched the scene in front of him, his anger at his mate growing steadily.

      “Are you in love with that panda Arki?”  He asked when Arki’s stroking of Yi Jie’s paws had been ended by fleur.

      “No,” Arki replied, “there was nothing to it, other than Kuan-Yin enjoying a rub down.”

      “You were enjoying it a bit too much too I thought,” Kodiak snapped, “You were looking into that panda’s eyes as if he was the best thing since seal meat!”

        “That’s not true!”  Arki yelled, “I don’t love Kuan-Yin at all!”

      “You can’t treat Arki like she’s your plaything Kodiak,” Bruin said.  Kodiak spun round on the brown bear.

      “You can’t talk!”  He yelled, “After the way you treated Brunetta, that kind of talk’s not for you Bruin!”  Bruin sprang at Kodiak!  The two bears fought madly for a few minutes, and then Nick waded in to break up the fight.  He laid down the law with his huge fat paws, smacking the two bears about their noses and paw pads, Kodiak and Bruin so surprised that they broke off their scrap.

     “Mister fat-paws enforcing the law I see,” fleur said playfully.  Nick, realising the two brown bears weren’t going to restart their fight, turned and ran to fleur, picking up one of her own forepaws.

     “Mister Fat-paws? Nick asked, “What are you on about fleur?  You have fat paws too!  If I’m mister Fat-paws, you’re miss fat-paws!”  Fleur laughed merrily and hugged Nick with her large fat forepaws.


Bruin and Kodiak looked at each other.

     “We are so stupid, fighting like this,” Bruin said to Kodiak, “Nick and Fleur have it just right.  We both have enjoyed a rub down and paw massage in the past, so why not now?”  Kodiak looked down at his own paws.

      “It’s crazy isn’t it,” he said.  Bruin took Kodiak’s left forepaw in his and began to stroke it, the male brown bear reacting instantly to the massage.  Soon Kodiak was enjoying the massage hugely, lying relaxed on the carpet.  Bruin worked on Kodiak’s fore and hind paws, Kodiak breathing deeply and trying not to fall asleep.  Feeling Bruin’s paws working on his own hind paws, Kodiak tried to press his toes against Bruin’s pads, but he didn’t have the strength to do much.  He just about managed to rub Bruin’s pads with his toes, but this was enough to tell Bruin how he felt.  Bruin patted, and then stroked Kodiak’s paw pads in response to the male brown bear’s touch.

      “From fighting to stroking each other’s paws in five minutes,” fleur said softly, “this is wonderful news.”  Kodiak knew it was proper to return Bruin’s massage, but he was so spaced out he couldn’t lift his own paw, let alone stroke the paws of others.


Nick smiled at the two bears, realising why Kodiak wasn’t responding well.

     “I wonder,” Fleur said, “would mister fat paws care to give miss fat paws a hug?”  Nick laughed uproariously at Fleur’s phraseology and enveloped her in a lynx sized hug.

      “I love you my cub,” Nick purred.  Fleur snuggled into Nick’s warm fur, enjoying the feel of his paws round her.

       “I can’t believe anyone would hate you for even one second,” Nick said to fleur.

     “That’s in the past now Nick,” fleur mewed.  Nick nuzzled Fleur’s ear and whiskers.  Fleur’s deep reassuring purr told Nick she was feeling contented and secure.


Meanwhile, Kodiak stroked Bruin’s paws, having woken from his massage induced sleep.  Now it was Bruin’s turn to fall asleep, though he tried hard not to.


A huge husky dog padded into the room, looked at the scene and grinned at Fleur.

      “You are so sweet,” he barked.  Fleur looked at him, smiling with genuine pleasure.

      “Dear sweet Buck,” fleur said.  The husky dog smiled and looked down at his paws, embarrassed by her words.

      “Do you love him fleur?”  Clarence asked.

     “No,” we’re just friends,” Fleur said, “but Buck’s asked me to take him to the swimming pool.  Buck looked up at fleur, his eyes full of genuine affection for her.

       “We are creatures of the arctic snows you and I,” he said, “that lion, he knows nothing.”  Fleur grinned at Buck, while Clarence growled menacingly.


“Let’s go to the pool,” fleur said, releasing her reluctantly from Nick’s embrace and waving a huge muddy brown spotted paw at buck, who padded after the cross bred cub.  Nick followed them, as did Ellie and Pipin.  Hop along, seeing his cub disappearing towards the pool, ran after her, as did Bianca.  The thudding and scuffling of large and tiny paws and the clicking of Buck’s claws on the lino floor of the back entrance was the only sound made by the animals that ran after fleur.  Hop along could run quite easily on his damaged paw thanks to Fleur’s treatment, and kept up well with the fitter animals.  A quick scan of the sole of Fleur’s paw let the animals into the pool, where Fleur ran for the slides, Buck following her.  Hop along watched them go, smiling to himself.  Every time he set eyes on fleur, he was reminded of how much he loved the cross bred cub.  Fleur spotted Hop Along out of the corner of her eye, turned and walked back to him, then threw her paws round his neck, hugging him tightly.


Hop along purred as he felt Fleur’s large fat paws embrace him.

     “Let’s go to the slide,” fleur mewed.  Releasing Hop along, fleur took his paw and guided him to the slide, Buck following discreetly.  When Fleur had seen Hop along down the slide, she turned to buck, who, thinking he couldn’t be seen, hugged Fleur tightly.

      “Keep your paws off my friend!”  Someone yelled.  Fleur looked up into the camera on the wall, and knew what had happened.  Suddenly Jespah exploded from the corridor to the lift, throwing himself at Buck!  The lion and husky rolled together in a tangle of slapping paws and frothy insults.

     “Okay okay!”  Fleur yelled, “Stop it now!  Both of you stop it!”  Jespah snarled at Fleur.

     “This, this mangy dog, he put his filthy paws round you and hugged you in a manner inappropriate to friendship!  He meant more than that; he wanted you for his mate!”  Fleur looked at Buck and realised Jespah was correct.

      “No Buck, I love Jespah,” she said.  Buck looked miserably at his paws.

       “Let him go Jespah,” Fleur said.  When Buck had gone, Hop along, who’d come up the slope just in time to see the end of the fight between Buck and Jespah, looked at fleur and asked:

      “What the hell was all that about?”

      “That dirty hound put his paws all over Fleur!”  Jespah yelled.

      “Buck hugged me, that was all,” Fleur said, “but yes, he did it in such a way that there was no doubt about his real intentions.”  Hop along smiled at the two cubs.

      “Fleur loves you, and you alone Jespah,” he said.  Jespah nodded.

     “I know,” the lion cub replied, “it’s just so hard, when, when I see her hugging other animals as if they’re the only thing in her life.”

      ~”But that’s what Fleur does,” Hop along said, “it’s her job.  She’s a healer, and you know how close some get to their fellow creatures here.  While fleur might let other animal’s stroke and tickle her paws, and they let her stroke theirs, her heart is always with you Jespah.  Believe me my friend, if you restrict Fleur, you’ll lose her.”  Jespah looked at the muddy brown cub with her spotted face and paws, and new then for sure that he loved everything about her body and mind.  Jespah reached out with his paw and touched Fleur’s, the cross bred cub’s paw warm under his.  Fleur loved it when he touched her paws and most of all when he touched her pads.  Fleur smiled as she felt Jespah’s paw on hers.

     “You love my paws don’t you Jespah,” fleur mewed.  Jespah smiled.

      “I love everything about you fleur, I really do my sweetheart!”  Fleur turned and embraced Jespah tightly.  She then rolled onto her back and waved her paws in the air, inviting Jespah to catch them in his.  Jespah watched Fleur’s paws waving, then caught her right forepaw in his and held it, examining her pads and toes.  Fleur curled her toes hard round Jespah’s, the lion cub smiling as he felt the pressure of her toes on his.

       “I love that,” she mewed, massaging Jespah’s toes with hers, Jespah smiling broadly.

     “You have a beautiful face, lovely whiskers and gorgeous paws,” Jespah mewed.  Fleur returned Jespah’s affection, kissing his nose and whiskers.  Hop along watched this, smiling at the antics of the two cubs.


Jespah tickled Fleur’s paws, the cross bred cub laughing helplessly while wriggling and twisting, but at first not withdrawing her paws from him, offering Jespah the opportunity to tickle the pads and toes of whichever of her paws he wished.  Jespah did so, Fleur’s eyes telling him she was loving every minute of his attention.  Hop along was enjoying himself almost as much as the two cubs, enjoying seeing them playing together.


When the soles of Fleur’s paws had been tickled five times over, Jespah left off, as his own paws were beginning to ache.  Even so, he’d loved every minute of their play, for fleur had at first let him have free reign with her paws, but then had withdrawn them, making him chase her paws.  Fleur had rolled and twisted, and even tucked her paws under her, so Jespah had to push her over onto her side to get at her paws.  In fact Fleur did everything she could think of to frustrate Jespah’s attempt to tickle her paws, other than leaping to her paws and running away.  Jespah loved the challenge as much as fleur, and now both were exhausted.  Fleur crawled away, Jespah following her, keeping in constant touch with her by touching the pads of one or other of her hind paws with either one of his forepaws as they crawled.  Now and again, fleur would grip the heel of whichever of Jespah’s forepaws was in contact with her own hind paw by curling her toes so they held the heel of his forepaw, Jespah responding by gripping the heel of her hind paw with the toes of his fore, so the cubs once more had brief contact using their paws,, something they both loved.  In this manner, they made their slow but enjoyable way down to the main pool area.  Hop along followed them, watching Jespah and Fleur all the time, enjoying the fact of their friendship as much as they enjoyed each other’s company.


When they reached the bottom of the slope, Jespah rubbed the pads of Fleur’s hind paws with his fore, fleur bracing her paws against his pressure.

     “You are gorgeous Fleur,” Jespah mewed.  Fleur smiled and curled her long tail over Jespah’s back, Jespah smiling broadly.  Jespah drummed with the toes of one forepaw on the pads of Fleur’s right hind paw, the cross bred cub laughing merrily and twisting slightly so she lay half on her side, curling her body so she could see her mate.  Fleur pressed her paw against Jespah’s, her pads pressing hard against his.  Jespah knew he wanted to hug Fleur forever.


Fleur felt Jespah’s paws holding her own, and it felt wonderful.  The feel of his large strong paw pads on her own thrilled her from the end of her nose, to her tail tip, and from her ears, to the tips of her toes.  Jespah released Fleur’s paws reluctantly, as he could feel she wanted him to let go of her paws, but that she also enjoyed his touch.

      “I love you fleur,” Jespah said, “from your nose, right down to the spotted soles of your large padded paws,” Jespah traced round her pinkie black pads with the toes of his paw, stirring spotted fur between Fleur’s pads.  Fleur curled her toes, making the spots disappear and catching the toes of Jespah’s paw in hers.

      “Come,” Fleur said, releasing Jespah’s paw to his evident disappointment, “let’s go somewhere private.”  They padded away, buck totally forgotten.


Fleur took Jespah to a secluded place, where there was a warm rug.  Jespah waited until fleur was settled down before he asked her about the struggle between her, Bianca and a similar rug.  Fleur told him all about it.  Jespah stroked Fleur’s paws, the same paws which were trapped in the rug featured in Fleur’s tale.  Jespah stroked and massaged Fleur’s paws during her tale, then, wanting to ask her a question, he held up his paw.

      “Fleur, dear sweet fleur,” he said, “I know this is changing the subject radically, but, but, well, I wonder, what I want to ask, is, well, cubs, do you want cubs?  With me I mean?”  Fleur looked at him.

       “Not yet Jespah, not yet please,” fleur mewed, touching his nose with her paw, “please, let me have time.  I don’t want, want to go through it, just in case, in case that, well.”  Jespah nodded, nuzzling the pads of the paw which had touched his nose.

      “I understand,” he purred, “I was hesitant in asking you, I didn’t want to, but, but I knew you’d be careful.”  Fleur hugged Jespah.

      “Can we play like we do now?”  She asked, “I love that, and, and, well, if there are abandoned cubs, we could adopt them.”  Jespah smiled.

      “We can play,” he said, and we could adopt abandoned cubs.”  Fleur smiled, relief coursing through her.

      “I love you from your nose to your toes Jespah,” she mewed, touching his nose with hers, then the toes of all four of his paws with the toes of all four of her own paws.

      “Thank you for being so understanding,” fleur mewed.  Jespah kissed her nose, and then the toes of her left forepaw.

        “I saw your birth,” he said, “I knew you’d be hesitant to give birth to cubs.”  Fleur curled herself round Jespah, enveloping his forepaws in her own huge fat paws.

      “Is it all right if I cuddle up to you fleur?”  Jespah asked.  Fleur cuddled closer to Jespah,

     “Come on,” she said, “press yourself close to me, press your paws into mine, and bury your face in my fur, all that and more.”  Jespah wriggled until his body was curled tightly into the curve of Fleur’s.  He then felt her tail wrap round him, the end of it tickling the pads of one of his hind paws.  Jespah gripped the end of Fleur’s tail with the toes of the paw it had tickled, fleur smiling and kissing him on his nose.

        “I love your face, your body, and your paws Jespah,” fleur mewed.  She picked up one of his forepaws and examined it, from the tawny fur on the top of his paw, to his powerful toes, and then, turning the paw over, she examined his pads, which were pinkish black, and the fur between them, which was tawny like that on the top of his paw.

     “Sorry I have no spots on the soles of my paws,” Jespah said.  Fleur kissed the pads of the paw she held.

      “I don’t mind,” she mewed, “I love your paws just as they are.”  Jespah purred as he felt Fleur’s paw touch his.


The two young cats fell asleep curled tightly together, paw in paw.  When they woke, they knew for sure they were in love with each other, and that tickling and stroking of paws, as well as paw massage and general play was the method of their love making.


Jespah knew Fleur liked being rubbed down and massaged.  He wondered if she would like to be shampooed from nose to paws by him.  Fleur, reading her mate’s thoughts, smiled to herself at the thought of him shampooing her fur and paws.

     “That would be a lovely experience,” she thought.

      “Fleur, could I bathe you, like you do for the other animals?”  Jespah asked.  Fleur smiled.

     “I’d like that,” she mewed, “one condition though, take your time, and don’t miss anything, especially my paw pads and toes, I love being shampooed.”  Jespah smiled at his mate.

      “I won’t forget a thing,” he said, “especially your paw pads and toes.”  Fleur hugged him tightly.

      “Now where would you like to be bathed,” Jespah asked.  Fleur smiled.

      “How about in the bathroom, where noone can disturb us if we lock the door,” she suggested.  Jespah rubbed and massaged her paw while he pretended to take his time considering her suggestion, though fleur knew he was really just enjoying stroking her paw, something which she loved too, so his pregnant pause was more than fine by her.  Fleur and Jespah padded from the room where they’d slept and made their way to the bathroom.  Jespah and fleur filled the bath and then clambered in.  They splashed about, and then Jespah grabbed the shampoo, rubbing some into his paws, before massaging Fleur with the shampoo, rubbing the shampoo all over her body, from just behind her ears, to the soles of her paws, not forgetting to rub her pads and toes.  The bathtub was filled with water to a depth of a few inches, so they could scoop water into their paws and wet their fur.  Jespah massaged the shampoo into Fleur’s paws, fleur enjoying every minute.  Jespah massaged the pads and toes of each one of Fleur’s large fat paws several times over, fleur purring loudly throughout.  Jespah shampooed his mate’s fur thoroughly, and then massaged the shampoo in vigorously.  Once Fleur was covered with shampoo from ears to paws, she did for Jespah what he’d done for her, until they were both snow white.  Once this was over, both animals got into the large double shower, pressing the start buttons with the heels of their soapy hind paws.  The water cascaded down and from two sides, allowing them to shower off properly.  Though Jespah could have washed himself down, fleur asked him to roll onto his back, where she took each one of his paws in hers and rubbed it until the soap was rinsed out.  She did this for all four of his paws, and then attended to his belly, back and tail.  She then got some special shampoo which didn’t irritate the eyes, asked Jespah to close his eyes and then rubbed it into his facial fur.  In the process of Hosing Jespah down, the shampoo on Fleur’s body and paws got washed off; even so, Jespah still massaged her as if she still had soap in her fur.  Then he washed her face as fleur had done for him.  In this way, they made sure their fur and paws were free from soap, twice over in fact.  Once would have been adequate, but checking ears, body fur, bellies, paw pads and toes as well as tails twice over felt better to them.  Once each was sure the other had no soap on any part of their body, they reluctantly left the shower and left the bathroom for the drying room.  There they found warm towels and rolled each other up in them, leaving enough to rub pads and toes dry.  Fleur and Jespah dried each other, which involved more than just rubbing each other dry; there was a lot of paw massage too.  This over, the two cats, paw in paw, made their way into the living room where Elsa met them. Smiling, the lioness hugged each of them.

      “I’m glad you two are in love,” she mewed.  Jespah kissed Fleur’s nose:

     “So are we,” fleur mewed.  Elsa saw the entwined paws of the two young animals, and the evident love felt by each for the other.  Fleur guided Jespah to her private place, where she settled down, Jespah settling down beside her.  He drank her in from her spotted nose to the pinkish pads and black spots on the soles of her paws.  Fleur looked at Jespah as he examined her.

      “You can’t get enough of me can you,” she mewed.

      “I love you fleur,” Jespah mewed, almost crying.  Fleur hugged him.

      “I love everything about you too Jespah love and I don’t mind if you want to stroke me all day, every day.  For that’s the way I’ve always communicated, through touch, using my paws, and hoping you will use yours to communicate with me through, through tickling, stroking, massaging and touching me from my spotted nose to the tips of my spotted toes,”  Fleur replied.  Jespah took hold of one of Fleur’s forepaws, and examined it carefully.

      “I love you fleur, from your nose to your toes, and deep into your mind!”  Jespah sobbed.  Fleur touched his nose with her paw and then hugged him.

      “I love you too Jespah dear,” she mewed, “from your nose to your toes and back again.  I love your mind too Jespah.”

      “I want you to stroke me from my nose to my paw pads!”  Jespah mewed.  Fleur embraced him tightly.

      “I will do so,” she said.


Fleur was as good as her word, stroking and massaging her mate from his nose to his paw pads.  Loving Jespah was easy for fleur, for she felt something deeper for him than just simple attraction to a male big cat.


Meanwhile, Perdy, desperate for love after Tigger had dumped her after she’d disowned Fleur, something for which the Bengal tiger could not forgive her, even when she’d repented, had got in with Tommy trip, the roaming lion wanting to do what male lions do.   Elsa wasn’t receptive to Tommy’s advances, nor was Portia, the young lioness warning him off with bared teeth and extended claws.  So Tommy and an increasingly desperate Perdy got together.  Now Perdy was in cub, having forgotten about the struggle she’d had to give birth to fleur.


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