Whitie and Blanche go missing.


Early this morning, the quilt community, in fact the whole house was woken by Amber’s yell of fear when she realised Whitie and blanche were missing.  Tigger tried to calm her down, but Amber was beside herself with worry.  Tigger held Amber’s forepaws and tried to comfort her, but he soon realised that nothing would work.  Amber banged the quilt with all four paws, screaming for someone to help her find her lost cubs!  The boss was called in, and was very concerned when he heard of Whitie and her sister’s disappearance.  The boss ordered all the quilt community to vacate the quilt, and he then began a systematic search of the quilt and the room in general.  Amber and Stifftail were carted off to the study, where they waited anxiously for news, while Tigger and the others were told to go to the spare room.  Tigger was almost as upset as the snow leopards, though he tried to keep a lid on his feelings.  Arki was terrified, and Brunetta felt sick with fear for the safety of the cubs.  the furball cursed everyone, including Amber for letting the cubs out of her sight. 


Meanwhile the boss searched the whole room, finding Blanche in one corner between the forelegs of the black and white horse who refused to talk to anyone.  He just nodded at Blanche when the boss found her.

      “Stupid cub decided she wanted to visit me,”  he spat, “horrid little scrap!”  The boss told the horse that if he wanted to be evicted, he was going the right way about it, and if he even thought of kicking Blanche or any other animal for that matter, he’d be out for sure.  The horse snorted and laid back his ears.  The boss was no longer interested in what the horse had to say however, for he’d found Whitie, and she was very distressed.  The full story didn’t come out for some time, when all the quilt community were reunited.  Amber made quite sure Whitie and ~Blanche weren’t going anywhere.  She made sure Whitie was beside her, and Blanche beside Arki.


Blanche’s tale was simple enough, she’d gone to speak to the horse whom she thought was lonely, only to find out he hated her and her kind, as well as every other animal in the place.  Whitie’s tale was a more sorry one however.  She’d crawled away towards the edge of the quilt, and had fallen off, landing beneath the bed.  Whitie had crawled about a bit, finding all sorts of strange things, boxes, electrical stuff, everything but any sign of the quilt community.  The place was dusty and Whitie coughed and sneezed a good deal.  Bruised and Frightened, Whitie lay for a long time, not daring to call out or move in case there were horrible things in this new place which would do her harm.  She’d been in that place for a long time before the boss reached in and touched one of her forepaws.  Whitie sniffed at the hand touching her, recognised the scent as someone friendly, and held on to the hand with both forepaws.  The boss dragged Whitie out, combed the dust out of her fur, smoothed it down and then hugged her before placing her back with Amber.  Whitie vowed never to crawl near the edge of the quilt again, and blanche vowed never to go near the horse who’d verbally abused her.



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