Two brown bears take Clarence and Tigger for a dip.


Clarence and Tigger ended up having an impromptu dip in the bath tub. In a fit of sheer mischief, Bruin and Brunetta picked them up and threw them in! Clarence struggled and kicked, but the two brown bears were stronger than him, and they managed to drop the lion in the bathtub. Soaking wet, Clarence floundered about for a while, his huge paws making a lot of splash as he fought to work out where he was. Clarence struggled from the bathtub, his mane plastered to his head. He looked a sorry state. Water dripping from the end of his nose, he wiped his eyes with a damp paw.

"I'll kill those two!" he yelled, padding towards the living room, dragging himself along, his paws leaving wet patches on the carpet. Clarence was furious! The lion was about to lash out about him with his paws when he saw Tigger, who'd had much the same thing done to him. Tigger was lying, his paws heavy as lead, on a towel on the carpet. it seemed Bruin and Brunetta had overstepped the mark. Clarence knew towels only came out when the boss got involved, and somehow he knew Bruin and his mate wouldn't get away with this. It would take a long time for Tigger and Clarence to dry out. the two friends hugged each other for warmth, even though it was hot that day.


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