†††† Hi! Domino here!All right! It's me again, but why not?Rosie has narrated three stories already.But†† Jinja refused point blank to narrate this one.He used the same excuse as before.

†††† "Rosie's had experience, and you have too Domino.I haven't had any." he said.I pointed out that no-one was born with experience of story telling.This caused some of the horses to laugh.

†††† "Nice one Domino."they said.

†††† "Nice what?I said nothing spectacular.Whatever turns you on."I thought.On with the story anyway, summer had arrived, Dominic and Poppy were maturing into fine horses.Rosie had recovered from the fire right enough.But I noticed that she had changed.Perhaps something like fire changes a horse?I don't know, but what I do know is that Rosie is now very watchful of anyone in the yard.She is a first rate detective.If you want to know anything about anyone in the yard go talk to Rosie.I don't mean this in a derogatory way, all I mean is that she was careful, really careful.


†††† I had worked Western style for two months now.My "significant improvement" graduatedto an outright commendation, whatever one of those is..When I received this commendation thing from Rosie I felt so excited I couldn't keep still.

†††† "I'm professional now."I thought.When Rosie congratulated me on passing the examination I didn't know how to reply.

†††† "Thanks."was all I said.all the other horses had attended this presentation thing.Cleo spoke up suddenly,

††††† "Aren't you meant to make a speech or something?"she asked.Rosie knew what was coming and stamped quickly on Cleo's bravado.

††††† "Not necessarily Cleo, no you don't."she said quickly.Cleo snorted in frustration but said nothing.We all knew what she was aiming to do.I shot Cleo a "don't say anything"look and stood quietly waiting for Rosie to dismiss me.She nodded silently and all the horses piled out into the yard.I was so pleased with my progress, I was so happy with life it was getting dangerous.I felt that now I had tackled Western style I could tackle anything.Dominic butted me playfully as I opened my box door.

†††† "Well done mum."he said.Poppy added,

†††† "Yes, well done mum."

†††† "Thanks."I said.What else could I say?Nothing came to mind.I stood in my box thinking about my life.

†††† "I really don't think life could be any better.I have food, shelter, ample opportunity for exercise.Then, I have Poppy, Dominic and all the horses in the yard for company.I can't see life getting any better.It can't can it?"I asked myself.I looked at my foals and thought about the things we had experienced together..I knew that even when Poppy and Dominic were old enough to look after themselves I would never leave them.I couldn't, not after what we'd been through together.I walked over to my water bucket and drank deeply.I lapped water until I was sick of the stuff.I settled down in the straw and waited for one of the Lads to call me to work.Come on, I'm not going to volunteer am I?I don't know, that's not entirely true, sometimes I do.Anyway, enough of that stuff, back to the matter in hand.


†††† There were comments flying aboutthat the Manageress was thinking of other games for Western horses to play.It seemed that she had got bored with Barrel races, run, mount and gallops, and the inevitable pick up races with the sack.I was getting bored with these also but I kept my views to myself.I heard on the grape vine that the Manageress was thinking of introducing something called Line dancing.I can't dance!I've never danced in my life!I can't believe it!I'm just out of Western school and now I'm being taught another style!I suppose there is something called overload, if there is then I'll be at that stage soon.I watched as my door was opened by a stable Lad.

††††† Come on Domino, it's your turn to work dear."she said.I stretched my nose out to her and a bit was pushed into my mouth.I hated this!Getting a lump of cold hard metal shoved between your teeth is not a pleasant experience.My tongue was forced down by the horrid peace of metal.

†††† "I suppose I'll get used to it, I'll have to if I'm going to work."I thought resignedly.I felt the cold metal in my mouth and longed to spit it out.I forced my tongue back and out from under the bit.

†††† "Phew, now I can talk properly."I thought.††† On with the story, I'm not letting a piece of metal spoil things.I was led out into the yard and across to the school.


†††† I waded in the small school with about fifteen other horses.Some of these I had never seen before.There were my friends there of course, and then there were those horses who were acquaintances rather than firm friends.These were horses such as Candy, Annie, Goldie and Brydy.The chatter in the school was all concerned with what was going on in the large school.We could hear a lot of banging and suddenly a squeal of electrical feedback.I know that was what the sound was because Rosie told me.I heard a sudden boom and then loud music blasted out!I had never heard such a noise!Banging, thumping, wining, crashing noise!An awful sound really.The door was opened and we were led into the large school.The air seemed to hum with the sound of electricity passing through speaker cones.I didn't know what half this stuff did.There was a stage with what Rosie called a sound system.These sound systems consist of two speakers to produce something called stereo sound.A compact disc player and a few lights made up the system.We wondered what the Manageress was going to do with us.We all gained riders on our backs and the music started.Then there was a session of the so called line dancing.This meant backing up, side passing, walking forward, rearing up on one's hind legs and reversing at high speeds.We seemed to be doing this to the beat of the music.Although it didn't harm us it was exhausting, I was shattered within ten minutes.The music stopped at last and we came to a halt.All fifteen horses panted for breath.I think the thought ran round the school that,

†††† "Human's have funny ideas for work."I looked over at Rosie on my right.

†††† "Are you all right Rosie?"I asked.Rosie panted slightly,

†††† "Yeah, I think so Domino.I cannot say for how long I will be though.I think this line dancing thing is going too far."I knew what she meant, Rosie is in middle life and is not as agile as she used to be.This sort of dancing meant hard training for us horses.The humans got off lightly, all they did was sit on our backs and give us instructions.That is a cop-out if ever I saw one.Why don't these humans get off our backs and do the dancing also?They'd enjoy it and it would be good for their health.I think there was something in the newspaper about humans becoming couch potatoes, hang on, how can a human be a potato?What are these people on about?I don't really understand all this talk.Couch potatoes aren't anything to do with horses.I don't even like Potatoes couch or otherwise.Well, couch potatoes can do what they like.We were shattered and in no mood for any more line dancing.The humans dismounted and we stood trying to cool off as quickly as we could.I had never done so much exercise in ten minutes in my life before.The sound system gave another wail of feedback.The humans working it fiddled with the controls.They then plugged in a guitar and caused another awful sound.wailing, grunting, thumping sound.Is this rock music?Then a drum machine crashed into the act.We all ran for the door.I had never seen fifteen horses pile out of a school as fast.I headed for my stable as quickly as I could.Dominic and Poppy followed behind me.I knew then, I hated line dancing!


††††† "What a stupid bloody show, I'm not an acrobat!"I thought.I told Poppy and Dominic about my feelings.Poppy pulled a mouthful of straw from the rack.She chewed slowly and then swallowed.

†††† "Yeah, I'm not too keen on it myself."she said finally.Dominic ever the one to try things gave the dancing a cautious welcome.

†††† "It's all right really, you're just not used to it."Poppy stared at him.

†††† "Don't tell me you've been doing it for months already."she said.Dominic didn't answer that one.Poppy jumped on his hesitation.

††††† "You have been training up haven't you?" she asked.Dominic looked away quickly.

†††† "What if Dominic has been training Poppy?You can't do anything about it."I told her.

†††† "Well no, I'm not going to do anything.I can't get over his attitude to exercise.Dominic loves it, I'm not putting him down at all mum."I felt really drained after my experience.Line dancing wasn't my thing.


†††† The word had gone round that the Manageress wanted to have another go at this dancing.Cleo told me about it one morning.I need not tell you that Cleo's version of the Manageress's message was peppered with bad language.

†††† "The Manageress wants us to do that stupid bloody dancing thing again.I can't see why we should bloody dance."Natasha raised her voice to a shout so Cleo could hear her.

†††† "Your language is getting worse Cleo. Spare us the torment of blue air if you will."Cleo spat on the ground and didn't answer.I heard a rhythmic banging coming from where I thought Natasha's box stood.I heard Natasha ask,

††††† "Can I have a polo too?"From this snippet of information I gathered that a human had come round with a packet of polos and was distributing them.

†††† "They'll have ran out before they get to us."I thought.Poppy and Dominic had acquired the taste for polos and were as eager as I was to get hold of at least one of them if not more.I watched the human walk round the corner and past Cleo.She treated the human to an icy stare and a hard butt with her nose.

††††† "That's not the way to win friends and influence people Cleo."Jingle commented.Jinja chipped in,

†††† "I don't know if you'll ever grow up Cleo, I hope for our sake you will, but I can't see it happening."Then another thought struck him.

††††† "Cleo, do you know thatDominic and Poppy aremore mature than you are?They're only a year old."he said.Cleo bared her teeth in fury!

†††† "I hate you all!"she screamed.Jingle suddenly hit the deck burying her head in the straw.

†††† "You all right Jingle?"I asked.

†††† "Oh yeah, fine, I wish Cleo would stop screaming at us, that's all.You were hurting my ears Cleo." she added.Cleo snapped at Jingle.Cleo screamed,

†††† "I can't take any more!"Natasha replied,

†††† "I know the feeling, I'm getting sick of you Cleo!"I wondered what had happened to Cleo when she was a foal.Was she in some accident? Or was she born like that?I didn't know the answer to these questions.Rosie shouted over to me.

†††††† "You coping with Cleo Domino?"

†††† "No, not coping, suffering more like."I replied.I couldn't see Rosie's expression but I could sense her anger at Cleo's behaviour.Rosie unbolted her door and finished the job with her hoof.She walked out into the yard and across to Cleo's door.She hit the door with one hard kick and then advanced on the frightened horse.Despite Cleo's outward show of fearlessness she was a coward.I understand that most bully's react this way.Cleo was and still is an out right bully.Rosie stood in front of Cleo threatening infinite destruction.I watched Cleo's face for a reaction.At first nothing happened, but then, very slowly, Cleo's face showed actual fear and terror, then she dropped her gaze.Cleo had given up the struggle against Rosie.She had submitted, this was something she vowed never to do in her life.To add insult to her injuries Cleo had submitted with four horses watching her.Now any respect anyone had for her would be finally shattered into tiny pieces and swept under the carpet for good.


††††† While all this was going on the human with the polo mints watched us.He said,

†††† "Rosie's giving out justice."The Manageress came round the corner towards us.She stopped, looked at the scene for a few minutes and tapped Rosie on the shoulder.Rosie turned her head and looked at the Manageress inquiringly, She leant down to hear what the Manageress had to say.

†††† "What happened Rosie?"the Manageress asked.

†††† "Cleo's annoying humans."Rosie replied.I smiled at her.

††††† "She can't understand you Rosie."I reminded her.Rosie smiled back at me.

††††† "I forgot that."she admitted.Rosie thought for a minute and tried again.She tried to make the Manageress understand what had happened by nuzzling her, pointing at Cleo with her nose, and finally butting at her.The Manageress stood back and came to her conclusion.

†††† "I think Cleo's not going to grow up.Cleo's not as mature as any of you.You must try to rise above her behaviour and carry on.I know that Cleo's lost any respect any of you had for her."

†††† "You can say that five times over."Natasha said.Cleo tried to bury her head in Rosie's shoulder.Rosie pushed her away roughly,

†††† "Keep away from me!"Rosie warned.Cleo almost sobbed with frustration.

†††† "Can't I turn to you for help Rosie?Can't you find it in you to help me?Not even in your capacity as leader of the herd?"she asked desperately.I looked at Rosie for her reply.Rosie's face showed no emotion.She looked into Cleo's eyes for a few seconds.

†††† "I cannot think of anything harsh enough for you Cleo.I'm at a loss for once you know.In a wild herd situation I would bite and kick you until you pleaded with me to stop.I'm not like wild herd leaders however.Nor are you a wild horse.A wild horse is hardier than we are.They can take more than we can.I have the power to do you serious damage but I can't do it.I cannot attack you Cleo.So I'm lost, I've admitted it, but, if you ever, ever do anything else to seriously upset anybody, be they human, horse, dog, or bird. I'll really do you harm, don't under estimate me Cleo."she said.I looked round my stable feeling quite stunned.The idea had formed in my mind that Cleo was really bad stuff, worse than I had originally thought.Cleo looked at me, pleading with me to take pity on her.

†††† "I don't know, I can't say anything to you Cleo.Please don't put me into a situation like this."I pleaded.Cleo tried to come closer to me.I leant away from her to signify that I was uncomfortable with the situation.Cleo noticed this and nearly flipped!

††††† "Domino!I can't even talk to you! You're the most brainless horse I've ever met and you're using what little brain you have to decide who's side you're on!I'm in the cold, I've got no friends, and I can't even talk to you!"she yelled.I felt terrible.

††††† "Cleo's just insulted me and she can't see it."I thought.I shook my head at her.

††††† "No Cleo, I'm not going to talk to you because I can't think straight."

†††† "No change there then."Cleo scoffed.Rosie watched us with growing anger.She suddenly exploded in Cleo's face!

†††† "Don't try my patience Cleo!"she warned.I was so frightened by Rosie's attitude that I didn't see why Cleo wasn't.But this was the case, Cleo wasn't frightened, the stare out with Rosie had frightened her more than Rosie's explosion.†† I was terrified now, suddenly I cracked!

†††† "Rosie, get Cleo away from Me!"I yelled.Rosie jumped a mile.

†††† "What's going on Domino?"she asked.I couldn't tell her, I just had a feeling of vulnerability, total vulnerability.I felt really sick!I opened my mouth to say something, but no sound came out.I thought desperately,

†††† "I'm too frightened to speak."I tried to show Rosie this.She watched my face andmy reactions.My fear was so acute! so real!I had Dominic and Poppy to think of, If I were to die what would they do?I knew Rosie would protect them, but even so I was scared.I learned later that my eyes were nearly popping out of my head.

†††† "Rosie, I can't cope with this!!!"I shouted.I crashed through my door and ran out of the yard.I sprinted up the track, through a field, swam a river and ended up about four miles away from the yard.I stopped running then, not from exhaustion, no, it was from a feeling that Cleo wouldn't be able to get to me.


†††† I stood in the teeth of the wind.It whipped across the pasture driving itself into my bones.My legs began to shake.I lay down in the grass to recover.I realised I was panting hard to get breath into my lungs.Eventually I calmed down sufficiently to think properly.

††††† "What has happened to me?Why am I feeling like this?Why does Cleo inspire fear in me??I couldn't answer any of these questions.I knew that I would have to talk to Rosie and Cleo.I lay in the grass feeling awful.I thought,

†††"Line Dancing had turned to spiteful behaviour."I wondered what I should do.I knew I couldn't run away.I wouldn't last a week outdoors.My brain took over.My legs carried me back across the pasture anddown the track towards the river. suddenly someone said,

†††† "Domino!Thank heavens you're here."I looked round at who had spoken.

†††† "Rosie!"I choked.Rosie nuzzled my shoulder.

†††† "Don't worry Domino dear." she said gently.I leant against her trying to calm myself.

†††† "I can't cope with all this stress.I don't know what's doing this to me Rosie.Please help me!"I finished up sobbing into her fur.Rosie nuzzled me gently letting me cry.

†††† "Let it out of your system Domino."she said softly.

†††† Rosie was soaked from swimming the river in search of me.She shook herself hard to get rid of the water.We walked back to the yard together.

†††† "What is it that is troubling you Domino?" Rosie asked.I thought about my reply.

†††† "I'm scared of Cleo, that's the problem."Rosie looked at me sympathetically.

†††† "You've been frightened of her ever since you came to live with us."she said.I then told her of my fears for Dominic and Poppy's safety.

†††† "I'm really concerned about this.I know you're thinking Cleo's going to attack you or your foals."Rosie said.I nodded,

†††† "Yes, I am frightened.Please try and get the Manageress to help."I pleaded.Rosie said she would do all she could and we went our separate ways.


†††† I entered my box and settled down with my two foals.I looked fondly at Dominic and Poppy sleeping peacefully.

††††† "You don't know how much I love you two."I thought.I drifted uneasily off to sleep.I couldn't sleep long however.I felt so ill I couldn't get deep enough to do any real good.I woke in the early hours feeling shivery and very weak.I felt a hand stroking my ears.

†††† "Poor Domino."someone said.I looked up into the eyes of the Manageress.She knew, oh yes she knew.The manageress said,

†††† "I know you're having trouble with Cleo.I didn't know it was thisbad."I thought,

†††† "You can't understand what we are sayingso I couldn't talk to you properly."I knew Rosie's attempts at communication with humans had contributed to this visit.Even so I knew that the Manageress was thinking of moving Cleo anyway.This development just sped the process up a bit.The Manageressstroked my ears some more.

†††† "I'll move Cleo, and this time it will be for good.You'll have no trouble from her again Domino."she said.

†††† "Thank you."I replied.The Manageress didn't understand me.I nuzzled her until she got the message.


†††† The next day dawned clear and bright, but I didn't notice it.I didn't wake until midday.I lay in the straw feeling as if a horse had been kicking me constantly.I staggered to my feet and looked round me.Poppy and Dominic were nowhere to be seen.I heard the clop of horse's hooves coming round the end of the row towards me.I thought I recognised Rosie's slow deliberate jog.Sure enough Rosie came jogging round the corner into my line of sight.She said as she passed,

†††† "Afternoon Domino."

†††† "Hi Rosie."I replied.Rosie said nothing more, she was concentrating on what her rider was telling her.I watched her depart round the back of the block.

†††† "I have the greatest respect for that horse."I thought.Rosie's style of leadership was different to anything I had seen before.She led by example and fair judgement.Not with the traditional fear and terror.I listened to the clop of her hooves until the sound faded into the distance.I watched as a stable Lad opened Cleo's door and started mucking out.Cleo eyed the human with a disgusted expression on her face.

†††† "What's the matter Cleo?"I asked.

†††† "You ran away, I was so hoping you would stay away!" she said harshly.Someone behind me said,

†††† "You'll never change will you Cleo."I whirled around to see who had spoken.Rosie had crept up on us unnoticed by Cleo or myself.Cleo jumped a mile and stared at Rosie.

††††† "Where the hell, how the hell, how did you do that?"Cleo asked incredulously.

†††† "Never mind that Cleo.I told you to leave Domino alone.Remember what I said."Cleo spat in Rosie's face!I couldn't believe it!

†††† "yeah as if I care Rosie."Cleo snapped.Rosie made a huge effort to control her anger.She closed her eyes and counted to five thousand and one.I marveled at her control, but I knew it couldn't be an endless battle.Rosie's patience would wear out and there would be hell to pay.I looked at Rosie imploring her to do something.Because of my attention moving momentarily from Cleo I didn't see her eyeing up her chances of biting my ear.It was nicely in range of her teeth.Rosie saw this however and stamped her foot in warning.Not comprehending what she meant I didn't take much notice.†† The first thing I knew of

Cleo's impending attack was the wind caused by Rosie running past me.Cleo yelled in pain as Rosie sank her teeth into her ear.Rosie let go when Cleo began to scream with fury.

††††† "See how you like it!"Rosie yelled.The manageress came running round the corner.

†††† "What the hell's going on here!" she asked angrily.

†††† "Rosie bit my ear."Cleo wailed.

††††† "I'm not surprised Cleo, I don't blame her."the Manageress replied.I looked at Cleo with as much distaste as I could muster.

††††† "Cleo's finally got taught a lesson."I said.Strangely the Manageress seemed to understand.

†††† "Perhaps the Manageress hasgot a Bablefish."I thought.I reminded Rosie of the Bablefish.

†††† "Oh yeah, I remember that.I don't know, perhaps she has, I can't say for sure."Rosie replied.The manageress came over to Rosie and myself and started stroking our ears and noses.Rosie leant her head against the Manageress's shoulder.

†††† "Rosie's a soppy old horse."I thought.Then it was my turn to be made a fuss of.

†††† "This feels good."I thought.I ended up doing much the same thing as Rosie.I closed my eyes and relaxed as much as I could without collapsing onto the straw.Cleo watched this with distaste.

†††† "bloody human!"Cleo spat.The manageress said,

†††† "Rosie and Domino are well behaved, you're a cow!"Cleo then made the biggest mistake she had made for a long time.She snapped at the Manageress.The Manageressrecoiled in shock!

†††† "Cleo!You don't snap!" she shouted.I took a pace or two backwards and watched fascinated as Rosie did likewise.The manageress opened the door and slapped Cleo hard on her rump.Cleo could have scarcely felt it but she squealed in terror.I saw that the Manageress used psychological tactics to wear Cleo down.She had managed it beautifully.Cleo took four hurried paces back into her box.The Manageress said with evident satisfaction,

†††† "Fixed you Cleo."††† I smiled at Rosie,

†††† "Cleo's getting stuffed."I said.Cleo groaned painfully.She knew she had finally lost.


†††† Rosie unbolted my door and we walked across the yard together.Dominic and Poppy appeared round a bend and saw us.

†††† "Hi mum, hi Rosie."they said.

††††† "What's going on then mum?"Poppy asked.

†††† "Cleo's getting burnt with her own fire."I replied.

††††† "What? You mean that Cleo's been stopped in her tracks?"Dominic asked hopefully.

††††† "Yes Dominic."Rosie said.

†††† "Yeeha!"Poppy whooped.Dominic and his sister turned towards the school and disappeared.Rosie and I continued our walk in silence.As we passed the strawstack Rosie broke the silence.

†††† "Cleo's being moved then."she said.

†††† "That's what the Manageress told me Rosie."I replied.

†††† "that'll be a relief for you."Rosie remarked.

†††† "Yeah."I replied.I then remembered something.

†††† "I'm narrating this story, first I talk about line dancing, then the problems with Cleo flair up.The story's not very constant is it Rosie?"Rosie nuzzled my shoulder.

†††† "That's life Domino dear."she said.


†††† We returned to our boxes and settled down.When I closed my door I noticed something, or rather .There was no sign of Cleo, another horse had taken her place.I looked at the newcommer with what I hoped was a polite interest.I thought I recognised him, I tried to remember his name.

†††† Figaro?"I asked tentatively.

†††† "Yeah, and what can I do for you?"he asked.

††† "Just an identification crisis that's all."I replied.Figaro smiled,

†††† "Oh I know what you mean.What you really meant to say was:

†††† "I don't recognise you newcomer, what's your name?"That's what you meant wasn't it domino?"I was embarrassed.

†††† "Sorry Figaro."I said contritely.He smiled,

†††† "Don't worry."he said.I knew I would get on with Figaro.He is a gentlemanly horse who would never hurt a lady.Jingle looked over at him.

†††† "Lord of the manor now are we?"she asked.Figaro was profoundly embarrassed by Jingle's reference to him.

†††† "No, of course not."He took a deep breath and started again,

†††† "No, Iím just staying here.If there is anyone who is the keeper of the Manor it should be either Domino or yourself Jingle."This Manor house Jingle spoke of is the name we give the barn we live in.Cleo had been thrown out of the household for gross misconduct and every horse in the yard knew it.Cleo was isolated, The manageress even put her out in the fields with the outdoor horses.If you remember I told you that the outdoor horses were a sorry bunch who were of an unsavory nature.Cleo was put out with these horses.The Manageress knew about the nature of the outdoor horses and knew that Cleo would be punished by them.They knew only too well about her reputation and would taunt and kick her.The kicking part was the part that the horses in the yard didn't agree with.We had tried to tell the outdoor horses this but they never listened to us.We knew that this punishment would fit the crimes Cleo had committed.


†††† I will never forget the day Cleo was put in the field with the outside horses.She was led out of her temporary box swearing outrageously.

†††† "Sod off!I am not coming with you!Piss off!Go on, just bugger off!"she yelled.Natasha snorted,

†††† "I'm not going to miss that." she said.Figaro nudged me gently.I would come to know and love that gesture of his.

†††† "She's fixed for good Domino." he said gently.I didn't have any idea until then how Figarohad been affected by Cleo's behaviour.Figaro is a horse who does not show his feelings easily, but when he does he shows them graphically.The truth was that Figaro had been keeping quiet about his feelings.He felt that Cleo's behaviour was despicable and should have been stopped before now.But he hadn't told anyone, even Rosie and the Manageress had no idea until then about his feelings.Figaro is a horse with massive presence, he could command another horse to do anything, and they would do it.But Figaro isn't one to abuse his power.He is a friend and colleague of ours.I saw him asRosieís right hand horse, and we all treat him with a respect not unlike that which we have for Rosie.


††††† The Manageress tried another attempt at getting us to line dance.The scene was similar to that recounted earlier.The sound system was in evidence and this time the music was worse!Banging thumping sound!!

†††† There were fifteen horses in the large riding school.The sound system crashed into action.I watched in amazement as Rosie began, now how should I describe it, I don't know, err, um, well, jigging on the spot I suppose.She looked like a proper fan of rock music.All they do is jump, well, that's what Iíve heard.Anyway fans of rock music aside, Rosie was jigging and making a good job of it.Soon all the horses were doing this dance.Jigging is a sort of jumping up and down, there is no real difficulty in it.But I've never seen fifteen horses enjoying themselves so much.Some even started singing,I think the words were simple, well, the beat was.All horses memorised this tune and were really feeling great!We had not felt so good in ages.


†††† That's the end of my story, Iím shattered!Now Iíll go to bed I think.Dancing to this new tune is really fun but it's so tiring.See ya.

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