Try these sites for games, useful info and other vi related stuff.




Go to:


Shwatscoffís world for games, text adventures, accessible e-books etc.



Another gaming site is:

Jim Kitchenís dos and windows games website.This website contains games for blind and visually impaired computer users.Popular classic gaming formats are made accessible on this site.



If you want search engines, my favourite search engine of any I have tried is google.Find this at web address: .com.


or click on the link below.


I want to go to google dot com!


There is also a United kingdom based version of the google search engine that restricts your search to UK sites only.Find this at web address:


or click on:


I want to go to google UK!



If you want computer games, read on!


I have found many games accessible to visually impaired and blind gamers.There are many websites where these games can be found.A main resource for these games in the United Kingdom is Computer room Services.Find their website at:



to get you started if you are new to accessible games, for a free game that is easy to play, visit:


the bsc games website.



If itís greeting cards with a musical theme you are looking for, why not check out the beat greets website.Find this at:




if itís easy access to audio content on the web you wantwhy not try:


the visually impaired audio network



if it is chatting to other people across the world you want, but you do not want to use a keyboard, try audio tips.Just depress the ctrl key and talk itís that easy!


Go to:


The audio tips voice chat community.


I recently got an email that had the following link in it.


I checked this link out and the link led to a jaws friendly programme called Big Voice email.

There are two versions, the trial version, which is free, and the full version, which you pay for.


Find Big Voice email at:



if you are concerned about internet security, and if you are surfing the net you should be!Try the following sites for security analysis and security software.


Shields up, from Gibson Research Corporation, (GRC,)is my favourite security checker.Just follow the link below and comply with the instructions on the page to check your computer for security vulnerabilities.


Go to GRCís shields up page!


For firewall and anti virus software, why not try the following leading manufacturers products.After what youíve found out from the previous link, you might want to!


Mcafee computer security.


Go to Mcaffee.


Or click on.


or try

Norton system security.


Go to Norton.
 go to



I was given the url to this horsey website by a friend of mine on the


Audio tips community.

The link is to horse presence dot com.Find this website at:


I especially like the sounds on this site.




Wendy was kind enough to send me these links.


agolden oldies radio station website.



For more info and links concerned with the daily lives and concerns of the visually impaired community, please visit.



All new!


All in play!


This used to be known as zform dot com.


They specialise in games that can be played by both blind and fully sighted people.The website holds the games on a server, so true international game play can be had!You get a free fifteen day trial of the games, then you must pay to play.


They offer online draw poker, texas holdum and crazy eights.


Iím addicted to these games!


The poker is not played with real money, although you can get bankrupted pretty fast if, like me,you donít know what youíre doing!


The crazy eights tables though, hmm, well, Iím a mean one on those *smile*.


Look out for me, dobbin, on the tables!

Finally, here are a few words from Paul G Silva, co founder and lead designer of All in play.


ď"All inPlay creates accessible online games that allow blind, visually impaired,

and fully sighted to play together as equals. The All inPlay community includes

college students, young professionals, parents and their children, and more than

a few grandparents. More than simply games for the blind, these are games for

everyone. All inPlay software works seamlessly with Window-Eyes and JFW and has

even proved helpful in teaching blind people how to use their computers. Learn

more about All inPlay's accessible games atĒ




or you could do me, user dobbin a great service and register using the following link.


This would allow you to sign up, and if you become a fully paid member. Would help me and you out to the tune of five thousand chips or a free month of membership.Good for both of us! Thanks!



If you want games, try this site:


it is run by Liam Erven, a great young programmer.


For more on Liam Erven, go to:





for horse massage related items from a proffessional horse masseur go to


other websites will be added as time goes on.


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